Friday, May 9, 2014

World League Wrestling announces Wrestling Events to Take place at Troy, MO training academy May 31st.

Good afternoon WLW Empire! There was MANY things happening around the WLW offices this weekend. We will inform you all when we get all the official details about the boss and his upcoming documentary.

However, we are EXCITED to one part of the huge series of announcements. As you can tell with the addition of our newest flyer, we will have a show coming up on May 31st. This show will be going on in our new location in Troy, MO. What is even more exciting, is the fact that we will be hosting it in our new office/headquarters that we have called home now.

In addition to this show, we will be putting on shows once a month here at our facility, primarily the last Saturday of every month (unless otherwise noted). We are currently fitting our building with lights, a couple of cameras, a new sound system, and much more!

Every ticket will be $10, and can be purchased at the door, or in advance at the World League Wrestling offices or Ultimate Fitness Plus. They will go on sale tomorrow and will be available from then on.

In addition to the shows being put on here, the event committee and staff here has decided to dedicate our office building to the "Greatest Wrestler on God's Green Earth" by calling it the "Race Wrestling Arena". Our events are fun for all ages and will feature some of the greatest talent that will carry this great sport on into tomorrow!

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