Saturday, May 31, 2014

Who will control UCW Union City, TN after PoppaMania June 7th ?

Tonight Mr. Biro upped the Stakes in a move that may cost Becky Biro dearly come PoppaMania on Saturday Night June 7th. Mr. Biro made a deal, that if his team of the WMD's beat "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner and "Sexy" Sarge, he would gain 20% more of Becky's share in UCW. This would make him the 80% majority owner. But if Steiner and Sarge win, Becky would gain 20% of Mr. Biro's current share putting Becky in the majority with 60% of the company. Where as now she only holds 40%.

Mr. Biro seems to want total control, as his current 60% of power is not enough. His ego and so called status grow with each passing week. What will it take to stop this egomaniac? Sarge says he and Steiner have the WMD's number and will not only win the tag belts, but will put Becky back in the drivers seat over UCW where she belongs.

Only time will tell what will occur. Be there Saturday June 7th to bare witness to what will happen on the most important night in UCW history.

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