Sunday, May 25, 2014

UCW Union City< TN results and pics from Sat May 24th

Mr. Biro and Bo came to the ring with the WMDs. They came out to mock Becky Biro and Sarge Riley bringing in Scott Steiner on June 7th. When they were through
 with their mockery "Showtime" Daniel Thomas's music began to play. In hopes that this would bring some clarity to the event, it did nothing but muddy the waters further. Jay Moore appeared wearing "Showtime's" coat. and made his way to the ring, where he was greeted by Mr Biro. Jay began to berate Daniel Thomas and made it clear, he, Jay Moore, would now be called "Showtime" Jay Moore. Commissioner Thomas was injured at the hands of Jay Moore last Saturday night and was still out of action tonight. You ask, what will happen next? Your guess is as good as mine.

JD Wolfe is a beast brought in by Jay Moore to wreak Havoc. That is exactly what JD does. Brad Mercury has been gaining momentum in his short career and has never faced someone the size of JD. Brad was unable to get his momentum tonight and JD showed why Jay brought him in. Unmerciful is the only way I can describe the beating JD put on Brad. Brad did not give up, he was just out sized in this match. JD took the win after he caught and slammed Brad hard into the mat, as he tried a high cross body from the ropes.

TJ and Houston are no strangers to each other. They have faced each other before, but Houston is on the hunt for the title, and TJ is not willing to lay down and give it away. Tonight TJ showed why he has the belt. Not only his talent, but his ace in the hole, Jay Moore, who was there every time TJ was in trouble, whether it be a pinning situation or a possible need to submit. Houston was about to get the win with a big brogue kick, but TJ ducked and used the chain Jay Moore gave him and blasted Houston with it. Houston was pinned easily due to this low class transgression by TJ and Jay Moore.

A kendo stick stood high above the ring, attached to a pole waiting on a combatant to climb up and grab it. The combatants Xander Legend and Dell Tucker, battled fiercely for their chance to bring the weapon into use. Both used every ability they had to put down the other so that they could gain the ultimate advantage. With a quick "FTD" out of nowhere Dell put Xander down long enough to ascend the ropes and grab the stick. As Dell celebrated his accomplishment high atop the ring, Xander hit the ropes and Dell lost his balance hitting the turnbuckle hard causing him to drop his prize. Xnader quickly picked up the stick and utilized it with maximum effect. Four hard strikes is all it took for Xander to capture the victory over Dell Tucker. To add insult to injury, Xander hit a Russian Leg Sweep with the Stick solidly buried in Dells throat. The attack was then thwarted by the assistance of Anton Leveigh causing Xander to retreat with Jay Moore in tow.

Sarge and BB are not an established team but have had each others backs on more than one occasion. Tonight they faced the WMD's, The Boss and J Weezy, with Jay Moore at their side. To say the WMD's had the edge would be an understatement, but tonight Sarge and BB showed why they are two of UCW's top stars. The match was a back and fourth effort between the two teams with Sarge taking early control, but was sidelined by the sheer size of The Boss. With Sarge being held down Boss and Weezy took turns putting the hurt on the Sexy one. Jay Moore will not be happy until Sarge is put out of UCW for good and he directed his team in an attempt to do just that. Fortunately for Sarge he was able to tag BB and the tide turned quickly. The fight spilled out to the floor between BB and Weezy. While this went on Sarge was able to hit a devastating neck breaker on the Weezy. As Sarge went for the pin Jay Moore jumped in the ring and hit Sarge with the tag title. This caused a disqualification loss against the WMD's but it saved the Tag Championships. The beating that followed was a disgraceful display by the WMD's.

 This young man, Bryant Daniels was brought to this dance by Jay Moore. Jay has filled this young star with a head full of bravado. Anton is UCW Champion for a reason, and has shown that week in and week out. Anton did not take this challenge lightly and treated Bryant with the respect deserved. The two battled strongly with hard hitting kicks and high flying maneuvers. Anton used his experience to get him through this match as the fire was definitely burning in the young challenger. Jay Moore's influence was felt strongly and he interjected himself when he could behind the referee's back. This help would not help Bryant prevail. Bryant climbed to the top rope and attempted to take Anton out for good. Anton came out like a striking snake and hit an impressive "RKO" and rolled Bryant up for the win. Anton retains the UCW Championship.

Derrick O'Dell
Wrestling News Center

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