Monday, May 19, 2014

UCW Union City, TN Results and pics for Saturday Night May 17th

UCW Commissioner "Showtime" Daniel Thomas opened the event by calling down Sarge O'Riley for a special announcement for June 7th PoppaMania. Showtime told Sarge he was tired of seeing Jay Moore get his way and making a farce of what is fair in UCW. He told the crowd that he had a special referee that he trusted, who would call the match fairly on June 7th between Sarge O'Riley and Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner Vs the WMD's with Jay Moore. Showtime exited to the dressing area and shortly the Music "All about the Benjamins" began to play. Who stepped out next surprised and excited the crowd. It was none other than Showtime himself who would ref the match. Jay Moore immediately came to the ring carrying a back board trying to intimidate Showtime and send a message that he would be carried out for his transgressions against Mr Biro's corporate entity.

Brad Mercury made his first appearance in UCW last week facing Bryant Daniels. Last week Bryant cheated to win. This week Brad, who is gaining a fan base due to his flying style, came in with a focus to win. The match was hard fought going back and fourth, but Brad pulled off an impressive finish and pinned Bryant for the win.

Xander Legend made an impression with Dell Tucker last week, when he cost Dell the US Title. This week Dell did not even wait for the bell to sound as he ran to the ring and began to beat on Xander. Xander is flamboyant but he is not a pushover. For all of his eccentric behavior, he is a tough competitor. After being thrown to the outside Xander was able to mount the offensive and with the help of Jay Moore, who was at ringside, Xander came close to pinning Dell. The frustration of not being able to pin Dell, led Xander to obtain a Kendo stick that Jay Moore carried to the ring. With one swift blow to the head, Xander was disqualified and Dell was left lying on the mat. The referee disqualified Xander and Dell was awarded the match.

Jay Moore boasted that he had brought in the "Best in the world". The music hit "Cult of personality" blared. Out comes a hooded individual walking and acting like what Jay boasted he had boasted he had paid for. The hood was dropped revealing Danny Dollar. A top talent in the wrestling industry and a sure challenge for Houston. The match was a wrestling clinic both men showed why they are where they are in this industry. The only difference was Jay Moore, who stuck his nose in the match repeatedly and gave Danny the advantage. Houston fought through and was bale to hit Danny with brogue kick and handily wrapped up the win. Jay Moore was far from happy with Danny and berated him. Danny did not take this lying down and put Jay in his place. Jay made up quickly as Danny is not a talent you want to lose.

The WMD's with Jay Moore were to face the new team of the Redneck Outlaws for the Tag belts. When The Outlaws entered the arena, Jay Moore immediately complained saying they were none other than the SOS. The Outlaws wore masks but did favor the SOS but their identity was hidden. Showtime ordered the match to go on as signed.

The match was a fierce battle back and forth. Neither team seemed keep the advantage long, even with Jay's assistance the WMD's were definitely distracted by the fact they were facing a team with the caliber of the SOS. The member of the Outlaws named Cleatus, was being worked over by the WMD's. He was finally able to make a tag To Bubba and this was the turning point in the match. The Outlaws were able to hit an impressive Double RKO on J Weezy for the win. In their excitement the Outlaws unmasked and revealed they were actually the SOS. Jay Moore had a meltdown. Showtime was called to the ring and made a decision that the SOS were not supposed to be wrestling for the Titles due to last week being their final shot. He ordered the belts to be turned over to the WMD's. This was done reluctantly. The WMD's attacked the SOS with the tag belts. Jay Moore at this time in a cowardly move hit the unsuspecting Showtime in the back of the head with a tag belt. Showtime dropped like a stone. Jay and the WMD's commenced to stomping and punching the helpless Showtime. Fortunately Sarge and a group from the back came out to the aid of Showtime and the SOS. Showtime had to be carried from the ring. His condition at this time is unknown.

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