Friday, May 9, 2014

SPW Selmer, TN Results from SPW 53 Saturday Night May 3rd.

Southern Premier Wrestling
SPW 53: BFF (Best Friends Fighting)!
May 3, 2014
Selmer, TN
National Guard Armory

Match 1: “K-SWISS” Kirk Stanley defeated Austin Carrier w/Kellen James via pinfall, pinning him after connecting with the “G.F.O.A.T.” (Greatest Finisher Of All Time).

Match 2: “Lethal” Steven Davis defeated Christian Shane via pinfall, pinning him after connecting with “The Overdose” jumping Asai-DDT.

Match 3: “The Lone Wolf” Rickey Smith defeated “Big” Mic Vicious, pinning him with an Oklahoma roll after Vicious missed a second rope splash.

Katelynn Pryde made her way to the ring this week, still carrying her SPW Premier Pass. She talked about how 2 weeks ago, she had called out SPW Heavyweight Champion, “Psycho Butcher” Andrew Palmer, but that he didn’t answer her challenge because he was afraid of her. She agreed that it wasn’t fair for them to wrestle one-on-one, so this week, not only was she calling out Palmer, but she was calling out Anita Paige to be Palmer’s partner in a handicap match. SPW referee Scott Stevens made his way to the ring and once again informed Pryde that Palmer was not in the building, and neither was Anita Paige. She demanded that Stevens count out Palmer and Paige this time and award her the match. Stevens informed her that he couldn’t count Palmer and Paige out, as neither of them had stepped into the ring. Pryde threatened Stevens with physical violence, so he began counting. Before he could reach the count of ten, Kellen James made his way to the ringside area. He told Pryde that she knew good and well that neither Palmer nor Paige were in the building, and that was the only reason she was issuing these challenges. James further informed Pryde that he and Paige had thought something like this would happen, so they had planned an opponent for Pryde this evening, “The Mississippi Queen” B.B.! Pryde attempted to back out of them match, but at the suggestion of Kellen James, referee Scott Stevens began to count out Pryde. This infuriated Pryde, but she eventually returned to the ring and the match began.

Match 4: Katelynn Pryde defeated “The Mississippi Queen” B.B. w/Kellen James via pinfall with a rollup and her feet on the ropes for extra leverage.

Match 5: Skyler Devins and Tommy Angel defeated “Anarchy” of Quiksilver and “Pure Violence” Tim Edwards via submission when Devins made Quiksilver tap out to the “Sharpshooter”.
After the match, Edwards laid out Angel and Devins with chair shots, resulting in a one week suspension for Edwards.

Match 6: SPW West Tennessee Championship Match-“Drop Dead” Dale Wylde defeated “Matty Ice” Matt Taylor to retain the SPW West Tennessee Championship, pinning him after connecting with “The D” arm-trap fisherman buster.
After the match, Wylde attempted to break his hand mirror over the head of Taylor, but “Lethal” Steven Davis quickly came to the rescue of his tag partner, Taylor.

Match 7: Cory Daniels defeated Cody Dean via pinfall. Closing moments of this match saw Dean connect with his Busiaku knee strike at the exact moment Daniels connected with his “100 proof Elbow”. Dean fell to the mat, while Daniels fell backwards into the ropes. Katelynn Pryde, who had made her way to ringside during the match, pushed Daniels forward off the ropes, with him landing on top of Dean to score the victory. Daniels and Pryde celebrated together to close out the show.

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