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SPW 55 results from Selmer. TN 05/24/14.

Southern Premier Wrestling
SPW 55: Exteme Makeover (Wrestling Edition)!
May 24, 2014
Selmer, TN
National Guard Armory
The show opened with new SPW Heavyweight Champion Cory Daniels, SPW Liaison to the Senior Partners Zed Gecko and Katelynn Pryde making their way to the ring. Katelynn Pryde was carrying a large frame that housed a picture of “Psycho Butcher” Andrew Palmer with the words “In Memoriam” and the dates “October 26, 2013-May 10, 2014”. Gecko spoke to the crowd about Cory Daniels killed the career of Andrew Palmer at “SPW 56: Final Crisis!” and how, just like any other dying thing, a funeral was in order. He explained the meaning of the dates, not only symbolizing the time of Andrew Palmer’s SPW Championship reign, but also the only time any of the fans cared about Palmer at all! Gecko also wanted the fans to know that he, Daniels, and Pryde were not the only people celebrating the death of Palmer’s career and invited the rest of the funeral procession to ringside. SPW West Tennessee Champion “Drop Dead” Dale Wylde, “K-SWISS” Kirk Stanley, Christian Shane, and “Big” Mic Vicious made their way to the ring carrying a life-size metal casket with them! Now it was Daniels’ turn to speak. He talked about his long relationship with Palmer, their friendship, and that his only regret was that it took him this long to see the true Andrew Palmer. Daniels finished out their interview by smashing and breaking the framed picture of Andrew Palmer.

Match 1: “Matty Ice” Matt Taylor defeated Jared Ethan via pinfall with a schoolboy. This match came about when Jared Ethan made his way to ringside and actually called out Matt Taylor for this match, vowing to avenge the loss to Taylor from the previous show. Ethan came close to defeating Taylor, but was victim to a toe stomp, followed by a schoolboy for the pin.

Match 2: Cody Dean and “The Lone Wolf” Rickey Smith defeated “Anarchy” of Quiksilver and “Pure Violence” Tim Edwards when Dean pinned Edwards after a combination Busiaku knee strike from Dean and an enziguri from Smith. Dean and Smith made their way to the ring thinking they would be in an SPW Tag Team Championship match with the “Super Best Friends”, but Zed Gecko made his way to ringside and informed them that he didn’t care if they had won a #1 Contenders Match the previous week, he was going to give the championship match to a team that deserved it. He told Dean and Smith that they would still be in tag team action and brought out “Anarchy” for the match.
During intermission, “Psycho Butcher” Andrew Palmer entered the building through the front door and made his way to the ring. Palmer stated he had heard about the funeral for his career earlier in the evening and that his career was alive and well and that he would prove that by taking back the SPW Heavyweight Championship from Cory Daniels, tonight! SPW Heavyweight Champion Cory Daniels, Katelynn Pryde, and Zed Gecko made their way to ringside. Gecko informed Palmer that if he wanted another championship match, he would have to work his way back up into contention. He could start that ascension tonight, as he had a match…RIGHT NOW!

Match 3: “K-SWISS” Kirk Stanley defeated “Psycho Butcher” Andrew Palmer via pinfall after Katelynn Pryde distracted the referee and Cory Daniels knocked Palmer unconscious with the SPW Championship belt. Palmer was at a disadvantage from the beginning, having not known about this match and being dressed in street clothes. He was able to fight back though and connected with his patented “Blue Thunder Bomb”. Katelynn Pryde jumped onto the ring apron and got the attention of the referee and Palmer long enough for Daniels to do his damage with the SPW Championship belt. “K-SWISS” then covered Palmer for the three-count.

Match 4: SPW Tag Team Championship Match-"The Super Best Friends” of Austin Carrier and Fleur de Lethal w/Kellen James defeated Christian Shane and “Big” Mic Vicious to retain the SPW Tag Team Championship when Lethal pinned Shane. The closing moments of this match saw Carrier and Vicious fighting around the ringside area, while Shane and Lethal continued in the ring. As the referee followed Carrier and Vicious, Shane was able to connect with a spear and cover Lethal. Having no referee to count, Shane got up and began shouting for an official. Cody Dean and Rickey Smith made their way to the ring and when Shane turned around, he was met with a Busiaku knee strike from Dean. Dean and Smith then pulled Lethal on top of Shane and left the ring as Kellen James got referee Scott Stevens back to the ring to make the three-count. (Fifth Defense)

Match 5: Extreme Makeover Match (Non-Title, No Countout, No Disqualification, Hand Mirror On a Pole)-"Lethal” Steven Davis defeated SPW West Tennessee Champion “Drop Dead” Dale Wylde via pinfall after retrieving the mirror and breaking it over the head of Wylde. These two men have feuded over the last several months, with Wylde winning the SPW West Tennessee Championship from Davis at SPW’s 1st Anniversary show after breaking his hand mirror over the head of Davis. Even with no championship on the line, Davis and Wylde hit one another with everything they had, including a vicious over-the-knee gutbuster from the second rope by Wylde onto Davis! Final moments of this match saw both men standing on the top rope vying for the mirror. Davis was able to send Wylde sailing off the top rope and remove the mirror from the pole. As he climbed down the ropes, he encountered Wylde, on his knees, sticking out his hand and apologizing for what he had done. Davis stood there as the crowd shouted and Wylde begged for mercy. Davis finally shook the hand of Wylde, before breaking the mirror over Wylde’s head and scoring the pinfall. “Lethal” Steven Davis celebrated his victory with the crowd, as a bloody “Drop Dead” Dale Wylde was taken to the locker room by security to close out the show.

Results and Pics compliments of SPW FaceBook


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