Wednesday, May 14, 2014

SPW 54 Southern Premier Wrestling Selmer, TN Results from Sat May 10th

Southern Premier Wrestling
SPW 54: Final Crisis!
May 10, 2014
Selmer, TN
National Guard Armory

Match 1: #1 Contenders Match for the SPW Tag Team Championship-Cody Dean and “The Lone Wolf” Rickey Smith defeated Christian Shane and “Big” Mic Vicious when Dean pinned Shane after connecting with a Busiaku knee strike.

SPW Liaison to the Senior Partners, Zed Gecko, and Cory Daniels made their way t...o the ring next. Gecko informed the crowd that the main event match between Cory Daniels and “Psycho Butcher” Andrew Palmer for the SPW Heavyweight Championship would be held under “no time limit, no countout, and no disqualification” rules. He also said that the time of the fans “using up” Cory Daniels was over! Daniels wasn’t going to come out to this ring every week and give his all for the fans anymore; he was going to do it for Cory Daniels. They finished by informing the fans that the time of Cory Daniels had just begun!

Match 2: Quiksilver defeated Skyler Devins via pinfall after connecting with a low-blow behind the back of the official, then finishing off Devins with a “Famouser”.

Match 3: “Matty Ice” Matt Taylor defeated Jared Ethan via pinfall with a crucifix bomb.

Match 4: “The Mississippi Queen” B.B. w/Kellen James defeated Katelynn Pryde via pinfall with a school girl pin. Closing moments of this match saw Pryde pin B.B. for the second week in a row with her feet on the ropes for leverage. Kellen James was able to get a photo of this and show to SPW Senior Referee Scott Stevens, who ordered the match restarted. As Pryde protested from outside the ring, Anita Paige made her way to ringside and threw Pryde back in the ring. As Pryde argued with Paige, Scott Stevens rang the bell to restart the match and B.B. rolled up Pryde for the three-count.

Match 5: SPW Heavyweight Championship Match/Bounty Match- Cory Daniels w/Zed Gecko defeated “Psycho Butcher” Andrew Palmer to win the SPW Heavyweight Championship, pinning him after connecting with a “Roaring Elbow”. Closing moments of this match saw Palmer connect with his patented “Blue Thunder Bomb”, only for Zed Gecko to break up the pin attempt. Christian Shane and “Big” Mic Vicious made their way to the ring and double teamed Palmer, ending with Vicious connecting with a front-fall powerslam, followed by a spear from Shane. Palmer was able to kick out of that combo and fired up, only to be met with a “Roaring Elbow” from Daniels for the victory.

After the match, new SPW Heavyweight Champion Cory Daniels, Zed Gecko, Christian Shane, and “Big” Mic Vicious celebrated over the fallen Palmer to close out the show.

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