Sunday, May 25, 2014

Micro Wrestling Federation at Center Stage in Gadsden, Alabama Pics from 5/24/14

Micro Wrestling Federation came to Gadsden, Alabama on Saturday night at Center Stage.  A crowd of over 200 or so fans showed up to see live "Midget Violence".   The show started at 6:30pm and began with the ring announcer introducing the four wrestlers and referee for tonight's event.  The wrestlers were: Bulldog, Mad Mexx, Mr. Too Tall, and Flyin' Ryan.  The referee was Tommy Gunn (obviously not the one from the Rocky movies).  Following that introduction they went right into having everyone come up to the ring and meet the wrestlers and get their t-shirts signed and take pictures.  There were lots of people who purchased the shirts that said 'MWF' on the front and 'I SUPPORT MIDGET VIOLENCE' on the back.  Then came the first match 'Bulldog' came out and cut a promo on the crowd about being from Ohio and how they have a better football team than Alabama which of course got the "Roll Tide" fans riled up.  Bulldog went on to defeat "Flyin' Ryan" in the opener.  Second match was 'Madd Mexx' taking on 'Mr. Too Tall'.  Too Tall came off the top rope a few times to the delight of many of the drunken fans in attendance. (oh, did I mention?...Center Stage has an open bar).  Mad Mexx got the win and afterwards Bulldog came down and helped lay a beatdown on Too Tall til Flyin' Ryan came out for the save.  This of course led to a tag match after intermission.  At this point we had to leave due to a phone call we received but I'm sure the babyfaces prevailed in the tag match.   A fun little show (no pun intended) and the fans seemed to enjoy it.  Center Stage is a very nice facility and I'd love to see more wrestling there in the future.  For more info on MWF check out!

Micro Wrestling requires a micro ring

the popular t-shirt everyone was buying

Mad Mexx goes to the top rope

Too Tall in control

Referee Tommy Gunn questions Mad Mexx

PWG isn't the only place for celebs Rob Dyrdek from Rob & Big and Ridiculousness was

Flyin' Ryan

Referee had "Bubbles" glasses

Buddy the Bulldog

Center Stage is a nice place

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