Wednesday, May 21, 2014

IL. "Showcase" results and Pics from May 18th Harrisburg IL.

I would first like to thank the three organizations that hosted the "Showcase" in which the proceeds went to Shop with a cop charity. I will list them alphabetically as they are all equally involved. ICWA promoter Matt Westbrook, PWC Promoter Jake Haynes and Strictly Nsane ProWrestling promoter Sam Cosby.

The event was opened by Matt Westbrook and Farmer Billy Hills. The first match of the evening was a gauntlet match in which a new combatant entered the ring every 60 seconds.

The match participants: Zakk Sawyer, Dalton Diamond, Mikey Mcfinnigan, Jackson West Chapel, Dale Wylde, Playboy Paul Rose, Joeseph Edward Weinstein, Dice Patterson, LVK, Kaleb Blaque.

The match was fast and furious and the last man standing was Zakk Sawyer.

                                                        Sarah Summers Vs Kandi Jewel
                              In a very fast match Sarah Summers took the win from Kandi Jewel.

             Brandon Espinoza and Tony Kozina  Vs  "Dragon Arrow" Joey O'Riley and AJ Brooks
A high flying, hard hitting match between Brandon Espinoza and Tony Kozina Vs "Dragon Arrow" Joey O'Riley and AJ Brooks. With less than legal tactics, Espinoza and Kozina pulled out the win.

                                   Ax Allwardt and Frank Wyatt w/ J Wellington Beauregard
This match was made due to Allwardt and Wyatt challenging Farmer Billy Hills at the beginning of the event. The apparent dislike amongst the groups were obvious. It appeared as if Allwardt and Wyatt were sure to win as they were as assisted by J Wellington Beauregard. But Eads and Hills came back to take the win.

                                                            Matt Thunder Vs Justice
Matt Thunder never got the chance to make an offensive maneuver. Justice jumped him at the start and the match ended rather quickly. Due to Referee placement, the final moments were unable to be captured. Justice for the Win.

Heath Hatton Vs Tony Flood Vs Bull Bronson

Three Champions from three separate organizations, on match. Heath Hatton , Tony Flood and Bull Bronson.A what a match it was. No holds were barred and no corners cut. All three gave their all and put on a tremendous match. When the dust settled Heath Hatton came out on top.

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