Monday, May 26, 2014


The opening of the show brought out Referee Jonathan "Turtle" Calvery to discuss his ruling on the match the week before that was under review. This was whether there was interference from Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock to help Bill "Superstar"Dundee obtaihn the EPW Heavyweight Championship belt from "The Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant. Turtle told the fans he did not get to view the tape but everyone would review it together. The DVD would not come on and Blaylock came from the back holding the only copy of last week's show. A struggle began between Blaylock and Turtle causing the DVD to be destroyed leaving no way to prove if Blaylock interfered. Turtle was livid and let Blaylock know in no uncertain terms that he was.
The opening match was between Hollywood clique member Buzz Harley w/ Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock taking on Cousin Petey. Thisn one went back and forth but in the end Cousin Petey was the one getting the win. Harley wasn't at all pleased with the out come.
Kross asked Brody Hawk to come out to the announcer's table to give a report on his injury that he sustained at the hands of the Hollywood Clique a few weeks ago. Hawk told the fans that he had torn ligaments in his ankle and would be out for four to six weeks to recover. Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock and the Clique decided to come out and harass Hawk. Hawk turned the table and began to reveal Blaylock's "little dirty secrets" to each of the Clique making Blaylock look really bad. Of course he denied every accusation. Bill "Superstar" Dundee came out and interjected himself into the mix causing a few of Hawk's friends to join him. This one ended with several issued challenges for the night.
This match was a tag tag team challenge match between Bonecrusher and Cassanova Kidd taking on Hollywood Clique members Soultaker and Mitch Toretta w/Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock. These four men started from the beginning trying to hurt each other. there is no love lost between them that is for sure. This one got wild and ended up on the floor causing Referee Turtle to end the match with a double count out. It was Toretta and Soultaker who were left laying on the floor in front of the announcer's table. This one is far from over.
The semi main was a non title match between the EPW Heavyweight Champion Bill "Superstar" Dundee w/ Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock taking on ex Clique member Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor. This match was action from the ringing of the bell. Blaylock was his normal self at ringside causing havoc for Taylor. Referee Johnathan "Turtle" Calvery had a ruff night getting slammed by Dundee taking him down. Dundee and Blaylock claim that Brody Hawk came from the back and hit Dundee from behind causing Taylor to come up with the 1 2 3 and get the win.
The main event this past Saturday night was a battle royal with the winner getting a shot at Bill "Superstar" Dundee's EPW Heavyweight Championship belt. Participants in the battle were Bonecrusher, Cassanova Kidd, Cousin Petey, Neil Taylor, Soultaker, Buzz Taylor, and Mitch Toretta. Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock was at ringside and as usual trying underhanded tactics when Brody Hawk came from the back and mad good on his threat to cause Blaylock the pain they caused him. Hawk didn't come alone he brought with him a fire ball from hell tossing in straight into Blaylock's face. Soultaker immediately jumped outn of the ring to assist his manager causing him to be eliminated by count out. The match continued with each being tossed over the top. Bonecrusher and Toretta had their own battle outside the ring having to be separated by security and sent to the back. The final two in the contest ended up being Cassanova Kidd and Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor going at it. A surprise visitor from the back came to the ring as Dundee caused Taylor to get the win over Kidd. The crowd was completely shocked as Dundee turned to Kross at the announcer's table and smiled saying he could beat Taylor. Can he back that statement up.......

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