Monday, April 21, 2014

UCW Union City, TN Results and Pictures from Saturday Night April 19th

The Night kicked off with Jay Moore and Mr Biro letting everyone know that they are tired of Big Dave. They told everyone in attendance that they have had enough of what they called biased announcing. They informed Big Dave that they had hired a man that would teach Dave what being an announcer was all about. With that said Jay Moore introduced Devan Jacobs “ Corporate Announcer” From the moment he was introduced until the end of the event this man did not shut his mouth once.

The night was highlighted by two matches in the ULW Ladies Title Tournament. The first match of the night kicked off with two very tough and experienced ladies the following results will be the latest in the Tournament.

Match 1- Miss Rachel Vs Sarah Summers. The veteran brawler from England, Miss Rachel took immediate control of the match as she beat on the challenger Sarah Summers. Ms Summers is a accomplished ladies wrestler with numerous wins under her belt, but she could not get the momentum behind her to take the match away from Miss Rachel. Don't get me wrong, Ms Summers put up an excellent fight, but it was not enough to take down Miss Rachel. In the hard fought match Miss Rachel was able to take Ms Summers out of Title contention.

Match 2- “Hardcore” Heather Vs Samantha Heights. These two were a ball of energy. Heather was loud and boisterous and the fans took an immediate dislike to her. Samantha was immediately embraced by the fans and the support gave her a lot of extra motivation. In an impressive display from both ladies the match was even and hard fought. Heather earned her Hardcore name by the vicious nature in the attacks on Heather. It appeared that Samantha was gaining the edge when out of nowhere Heather hit a stunner putting Samantha down for the count. Hardcore Heather advances in the tournament.

The SOS came out to tell the fans Happy Easter and apologize for what they have done over the past few weeks. Jay Moore with The WMD's in tow put a stop to the message. Jay ordered Boss and Weezy to take out the SOS. This did not work out the way Jay had hoped and The SOS took down Boss and sent him and Weezy packing.

Match 3- Tag Team Title Match. Champions “WMD's” (The Weapons of Mass Destruction) with Jay Moore Vs Houston and Chris Hayes. IN a flurry of action Houston and Hayes took the fight immediately to The “WMD's” Weezy and The Boss. It was apparent Hayes and Houston had a game plan to try to take The Boss down first and keep him down. No matter how hard they tried The Boss kept getting up and coming for more. The advantage turned when Chris Hayes tried to splash The Boss in the corner, but instead was caught with a big boot to the face. Quick back and forth between Boss and Weezy kept Chris in their corner and Houston was losing his mind with anger over the obvious rule breaking happening. Chris was finally able to get a Tag on Houston and Houston came in like a house of fire. Left's, right's and drop kicks were flying all over. Jay Moore saw his opportunity and slipped Boss the Tag belt. The Boss Blasted Houston in the face with the belt. The referee saw what happened and Disqualified Boss and Weezy. Not to be out done, Weezy grabbed the belt and blasted Houston again. The beating continued the SOS came to the ring running off the WMD's.

Main Event- Anton “ Mr Everything Leveigh Vs Jay Moore's “Assassin” Osby Tomlin. This match is easy to describe, It was an all out fight with no clear advantage to either man at the beginning as they went back and forth blow for blow, move for move. Jay Moore's interference was able to turn the tide in Osby's favor. Osby went right after Anton's injured ribs with stretches and slams. The most effective move appeared to be a solid abdominal stretch as well as well timed bear hugs. The pain was obvious on Anton's face. He is not a quitter and that was never a thought. Anton fought and fought and as he began to make gains in to weakening Osby, Jay Moore struck with a hard hit to Anton's back with the Brief case that holds the NRG bounty. The referee immediately disqualified Osby for Jay Moore's interference. This anger Jay and with a parting shot, Jay blasted referee Eric Teas knocking him out cold. The opportunity was there for Osby and Jay to take out Anton and that is exactly was they did, with repeated stomps and hits with the briefcase causing it to start to fly apart with each devastating blow to the prone body of Anton. Finally help came from the back causing Osby and Jay to retreat. Jay and Osby stood at the ramp and gloated over their accomplishments. Anton worked his way to his feet and challenged Osby and Jay Moore to a match next week where Jason Tha Brain would be Anton's partner and Jay would be Osby's. The match was made but a stipulation was added where it would be a Union City Street Fight, falls count anywhere an there would be no DQ. The crowd approved and got strongly behind Anton. We will have to wait and see what happens next Saturday Night April 26th at 7:30 pm. UCW Battle Zone.

Derrick O'Dell
Wrestling News Center

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