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UCW Union City, TN Results and Pics From Sat Night April 12th

So many wild and amazing things are happening in UCW. Mr Biro has pulled out all stops in his war to show his wife, Mrs. Becky Biro, that he is the best Owner of UCW. It appears he is sparing no expense or regard for the fans as he has brought in the vicious Black Widow and Project 6 to aid Jay Moore in the extermination of NRG. Mr Biro also backed Jay Moore's acquisition of Osby The Maniacal Assassin, who set his sights on the UCW Champion Anton Leveigh tonight with a devastating attack just as Anton was to face TJ O'Riley. More on this in the results. Jay Moore also worked his magic on negotiating the return of “THE” Boss with finding an obscure contract flaw that allowed him, as manager of the former S.O.B's, stating he had the ability to pick a successor to defend the Tag Titles if one of the S.O.B.'s was unable to commit to Championship obligations. As the S.O.B.'s have recently dissolved with the exit of Mark Justice, Jay Moore Put the vacant Tag Title on “THE” Boss's substantial sized shoulder, which in my opinion has made J Weezy even more dangerous.

The Results:

Match 1- J Weezy With Jay Moore Vs Chris Hayes. Weezy is a brawler, no if's and's or but's about it. He will hurt you and take pleasure in doing so. That is exactly what he did tonight when he faced the “Outlaw” Chris Hayes, he brawled.. Chris has a finesses when it comes to pulling out some of the most impressive aerial maneuvers reeking havoc on his opponents ability to compete. Chris gave as good as he got and was in the process of taking the match away from Weezy, when “THE” Boss made his presence known in the match with a hard boot to Chris's back. Boss then attempted to hit Chris with The Boss Bomb, but Chris was able to slip out of his grasp, just as Houston hit the ring with a chair to send Boss and Weezy back pedaling. Chris was awarded the match via Weezy being disqualified.

Match 2- Diamond Doll Vs Lil Bit. With the history these two have, the match was not a scientific classic but merely a fight. Doll had the early advantage throwing Lil Bit to the mat like a rag doll with heaping handfuls of hair pulling. Doll got cocky and went for a fist drop from the second rope. But Lil Bit was to quick and rolled away. Before Doll knew what happened Lil Bit hit a bulldog. Black Widow and Project 6 came out to the ring slowly and caught Lil Bit By surprise. While Lil Bit's attention was off of her, Doll rolled Lil Bit up for a quick pin, of course the handful of tights did not hurt either. Doll awarded the match. Without provocation Black Widow attacked Lil Bit and the two tied into each other. The only thing that stopped the brawl was boys in the back as they came out to keep the peace.

Match 3- “THE” Boss With Jay Moore Vs Houston. For those that do not remember Boss, let me refresh your memory. He reeked havoc and destruction across UCW for several months without defeat or even leaving his feet. He was more than a force to be reckoned with and Houston has felt that force before. Houston has a reckless nature and has no fear. Houston and the Boss tied into each other in an impressive fight. Neither man backed down and Houston did his bet to take the Boss off his feet. No matter what Houston threw at him, Boss would not fall. Jay Moore threw in cheap shots whenever he could, but this did not hinder Houston's endeavor to take the Boss out. The match spilled to the floor and as the two beat on each other the referee began the 10 count. Both men disregarded the count and continued to fight. The referee hit 10 and threw the match out.

Match 4- SOS With Jay Moore and Ms Jessica Vs NRG. Two Solid tag teams one goal. Win. Neither team pulled any punches or any risk to try to defeat the other DJ Stunner is an innovator of aerial tactics and hit or miss puts his all into trying to take out his opponent. The match raged on, even with multiple interferences by Jay Moore, until Dell Tucker hit BB with well placed “FTD”. Dell got the win and NRG was happy in their victory. Jay Moore on the other hand was not. He berated the SOS and while doing so THE Boss and J Weezy made their way to the ring to join Jay in the disapproval. The thing that happened next shocked the SOS as well as the crowd. Boss and Weezy began to beat down the already beaten SOS, with Jay Moore directing every move. Biro Beauty, Sheerena was the first to intervene in an attempt to protect her brother, BB. This was at first successful until the Diamond Doll came in and attacked her, the melee continued. Lil Bit joined the fray and attempted to get at the Doll. This was short lived as Black Widow made her presence known once again. Ms. Jessica was trying to escape when Boss snatched her up from the ramp and drug her back into the ring. Boss held her high in the air when out of nowhere, Ricky Andrews hit Boss squarely in the back with a hard chair shot. This led the rest of NRG to back Ricky's play saving Ms. Jessica. When the dust settled the SOS was left lying, but in the fans eyes redeemed.


Main Event- Champion Vs Champion, UCW Champion Anton Leveigh With Jason Tha Brain Vs US Champion TJ O'Riley With Jay Moore. Anton made his way to the ring and was greeting the crowd. Out of nowhere a large cloaked figure jumped Anton. This beast beat and drug Anton Around the arena. Until I got to a higher vantage point I could not see who was attacking Anton. When I finally saw who it was I was actually shocked. Osby “The Maniacal” or as of now “The Assassin” It was obvious he was there to collect on Jay Moore's NRG bounty. If it was not for Anton's quickness and a well placed RKO Osby may have very well collected the bounty. This initial battle was ended in the ring and TJ, who was waiting took advantage of the situation. Beating and pounding on Anton at every turn. Jay Moore hit his fair share of cheap shots as well. Anton was finally able to gain his composure and began making grounds in taking back control. After a hard fought comeback Anton was able to maneuver TJ into an opportunity and hit “The Border Destroyer” and squeaked out the win, at his own peril. Anton was injured in the execution of the maneuver and fortunately for him he was taken care of by Jason Tha Brain and Ricky Andrews who were at ringside.

Derrick O'Dell
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