Monday, April 28, 2014


- Tag Team Title: The Wolves defeated The BroMans and DJ Z to regain the World Tag Team Title
- Committed Match: Mr. Anderson defeated Samuel Shaw
- Kurt Angle and Willow defeated Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud
- X Division Title: Sanada defeated Tigre Uno in Match 3 of the Best Of 3 Series
- I-Quit Match: Gunner defeated "Cowboy" James Storm
- Knockouts Title: Angelina Love defeated Madison Rayne to win the title
- Tables Match: Bobby Roode defeated Bully Ray with help from Dixie Carter
- World Title Main Event: Eric Young defeated Magnus to retain the championship

- The Pay-Per-View broadcast opened with a look at the career of new World Heavyweight Champion Eric Young, who defends the gold in the main event against Magnus

- In the Tag Team Championship match, the three members of The BroMans (Robbie, Jessie and DJ Z) faced The Wolves in a handicap match! Early on, The BroMans had the numbers advantage, but that changed when DJ Zema Ion accidentally hit Jessie with his laptop computer, allowing The Wolves to unleash their offense! The Wolves hit the top rope and hit their finish on Jessie, getting the pin and win to reclaim the Tag Team Championship!

- In the back, JB showed the white van that would transport either Mr. Anderson or Samuel Shaw to the mental facility, leading to an interview with Shaw before the match. Back in the arena, Christy Hemme was ringside but did not conduct the match introductions for Shaw - and who could blame her after what he's done? Shaw nearly had Anderson beat early on after almost rendering him unconscious with his finisher, but Shaw's attention turned to Christy as he stalked her at ringside. Anderson was able to make a comeback and the battle spilled to the ringside area, up the ramp, to the backstage area and then to the outside of the arena near the white van. Just as it looked like Shaw was about to put Anderson in the van, Christy appeared and tried to calm Shaw - but instead hit him with a knee to his groin! With Shaw in pain thanks to Christy, Anderson hit his Mic Check finisher on Shaw into the van, slammed the doors shut, and he and Christy celebrated the win as Shaw was taken away to be committed to the mental facility!

- In a tag team match, it was the Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy's alter-ego WILLOW teaming up to battle Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud! Early in the match, Kurt Angle wanted to get payback on EC3, but Carter wisely put Spud in the corsairs instead. Later in the bout, Carter was able to hurt Angle at ringside when Angle went into the steel ring steps, allowing EC3 and Spud the advantage on Willow. Angle eventually made it back in the ring to hit his German suplexes on Carter and put him in the Ankle Lock submission, but Spud saved EC3 by jumping on Angle's back. After Willow threw EC3 out of the ring, Angle and Hardy obliterated Spud - hitting him with the Twist of Fate, an Olympic Slam and finally the Swanton  by Willow for the pin and win! Angle got the win - but certainly no the payback he wanted on Carter.

- A news video aired of Knux and his girlfriend Rebel, who were discussing bringing in help to get their group together - "just the four of us". What does Knux mean? Tune into IMPACT for more info!

- Up next was the X Division Championship match, Best Of Three Series, with Sanada defending against the high-flying luchadore Tigre Uno! In the weeks leading up to this bout, Sanada took the first match while Uno won the second - leading to the deciding bout at Sacrifice! After an amazing, high-flying and high-octane battle between Sanada and Uno, it was Sanada getting the win when Tigre missed a splash, allowing Sanada to climb the ropes for a moonsault and the decided Match 3 win! Still reigning X Division Champion - Sanada! After the bout, both Sanada and Tigre Uno exchanged respect for each other!

- Next was the "I-Quit" match between Gunner and "Cowboy" James Storm - and what resulted was one of the most violent and barbaric matches in recent TNA Wrestling history! Plenty of weapons were involved, with Storm battering Gunner for much of the match - but Gunner refused to give up. Even after Storm bloodied Gunner with a smashed beer bottle and continued the beating with submission holds and a super kick, Gunner still refused to quit. Eventually, Gunner became numb to the pain and made a comeback on Storm, hitting him with a series of F5 finishers to get the advantage! Then, Gunner set up two steel chairs in the ring and put a ringside guardrail on them. Gunner then took Storm to the top and hit a huge superplex on Storm on the guardrail! In a final show of force, Gunner grabbed broken glass and threatened to begin slicing Storm to shreds if he didn't give up. Rather than face the brutality, Storm finally said he QUIT, and Gunner was awarded the victory!

- The Beautiful People hit the ring for the Knockouts Championship match, followed by the titleholder and former Beautiful People member, Madison Rayne! Early on and throughout the match, Angelina and Velvet used the numbers game to distract the referee to get the advantage on Madison both in and out of the ring. Later, Madison was able to make a comeback when she hit a cross-body from the apron on both Angelina and Velvet. Back inside, Madison hit a spear on Angelina and looked to have the match won, but Velvet jumped up on the apron and distracted the referee. As he was distracted, Velvet sprayed something in Madison's eyes, temporarily blinding her. Angelina rolled up Madison for the pin and the win as Angelina is the NEW Knockouts Champion, bringing the gold back to the Beautiful People!

- Up next was the Tables Match between Bully Ray and Bobby Roode! Both superstars had a staredown before the bout, then the fight was on! It was an all-out brawl between both superstars, with Bully Ray trying several times to put Roode through a table, but Roode blocked each attempt. Eventually, Bully Ray was able to put Roode through a table with a power bomb, but the referee was down and unable to see what happened. Bully and Roode continued to fight in the ring, with Bully finally setting up two tables on the outside and knocked Roode out and put him on the tables. Bully climbed to the top rope to finish Roode on the outside, but just then a mysterious fan who was ringside all night pushed Bully Ray off the top and sent him crashing down through the tables! The referee finally came to and saw Bully through the table and called for the win for Bobby Roode! Then, the mysterious fan removed their disguise to reveal…DIXIE CARTER!!! With Bully Ray in defeat, Carter yelled at Bully to never cross her again! Dixie Carter got her payback in a big way on Bully Ray!

- It was finally time for the World Heavyweight Championship Main Event between Eric Young and former champion Magnus! Magnus took the early offensive at the start, with both superstars trading power moves to wear the other down. Magnus had several near falls, and looked to try and wear down Young with a camel clutch. However, the champion fought back, taking it to Magnus in a way that that the British superstar may have not planned for. Eventually, Magnus went to the outside and tried to bring the turnbuckle wrench into play as a weapon, but the referee took it away! Magnus tried for a low blow on Young, but Eric blocked it and hit his Piledriver finisher! Magnus was able to kick out and made a brief comeback - he tried to hit his own piledriver on Young, but the champion revered it and hit a SECOND piledriver! Young then climbed to the top rope and hit his elbow drop on Magnus for the pin and the win to retain the World Heavyweight Championship!

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