Friday, April 25, 2014

SPW 51 Selmer , TN results. Dont forget the event Sat Night April 26th at the Armory.

Southern Premier Wrestling
SPW 51: Fifty First Show!
April 19, 2014
Selmer, TN
Selmer Community Center
Match 1: “Lethal” Steven Davis defeated “K-SWISS” Kirk Stanley via pinfall after connecting with a running “Asai-DDT”

Match 2: Non-Title Match-“Anarchy” of Quiksilver and “Pure Violence” Tim Edwards defeated SPW Tag Team Champions “The Super Best Friends” Austin Carrier and Fleur de Lethal w/Kellen James when Quiksilver pinned Lethal after connecting with a Famouser.
Katelynn Pryde made her way to the ring carrying her newly won SPW Premier Pass. She talked about how she had defeated three men “single handedly” to become the SPW Premier Pass holder and that she would defeat Andrew Palmer to become the first female SPW Champion! She then called out Andrew Palmer. SPW referee Scott Stevens made his way to the ring and informed Pryde that Palmer was injured and was not in the building. She demanded that Stevens count out Palmer and award her the match. Stevens informed her that he couldn’t count our Palmer, as he had not stepped into the ring. Pryde threatened Stevens with physical violence, so he began counting. Before he could reach the count of ten, Anita Paige made her way to the ring and informed Pryde that if she was looking for a fight, that she could definitely give it to her! Pryde informed Paige that she had better things to do now that she was the SPW Premier Pass holder than waste her time with Paige. Paige made her way into the ring, but by that time Pryde exited the opposite side while Paige challenged her to come back and fight!

Match 3: “Big” Mic Vicious w/Christian Shane defeated “The Lone Wolf” Rickey Smith via pinfall after connecting with a second-rope splash.
After the match, Vicious and Shane said they were going to send a message to SPW Heavyweight Champion, “Psycho Butcher” Andrew Palmer. Shane went and got a table, while Vicious continued his assault on Smith. Vicious connected with a front-fall powerslam and two more second-rope splashes on Smith. Shane spray painted “Palmer” on the table and said they would see Palmer next week, because they were issuing the challenge to Palmer to face “Big” Mic Vicious for the SPW Heavyweight Championship in a Tables Match!!!

Match 4: Cory Daniels defeated “Matty Ice” Matt Taylor via pinfall after connecting with an elevated spinebuster.
After the match, Daniels locked Taylor in the “Gatlinburg Cloverleaf”, making reference to him retiring Dan Matthews the previous week. Daniels broke the hold just before the referee reversed the decision.

Match 5: SPW West Tennessee Championship Match-“Drop Dead” Dale Wylde defeated Cody Dean via pinfall to retain the SPW West Tennessee Championship. Closing moments of this match saw referee Scott Stevens get sandwiched in the corner by both Wylde and Dean. Dean was then able to connect with his patented Busiaku knee strike, but there was no official to make the count. As Dean checked on the referee “K-SWISS” made his way to the ring and attacked Dean from behind, “K-SWISS” and Dale Wylde connected with a double fisherman buster, with Wylde making the cover as “K-SWISS” woke up the referee.

After the match, “K-SWISS” and Dale Wylde continued their assault on Dean. Cory Daniels made his way to the ring, under the impression he was coming to the rescue of Dean, but stopped on the ramp and watched as the two-on-one beating continued. “Lethal” Steven Davis and “Matty Ice” Matt Taylor were able to make their way to the ring and clear out Wylde and “K-SWISS”.

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