Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New TN Record Book Released

Memphis Wrestling History's latest book is a record book that covers the entire Tennessee territory for the years of 1973 through 1979. This record book continues the collaboration of wrestling historians Tim Dills and Mark James. The first record book by duo covered the Tennessee territory during 1980-89. This second book continues and list all the known cards and results for the area for 1973 through 1979. Not only are the Jerry Jarrett cards listed, but the Nick Gulas ones as well. Some of cities and results covered are from Memphis, Nashville, Jackson, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Tupelo MS, Louisville KY, Evansville IN, Jonesboro AR and many more. The book's foreword was written by Memphis Wrestling legend Tommy Gilbert.

Memphis Wrestling History: Tennessee Record Book 1973-1979 (464 pp., B&W) is available now. It is currently priced at $23.99 and is available in print at Amazon. (Click here to see it on Amazon)

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