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LXW ThunderManier Results from Sylacauga, AL on April 19th

Saturday night April 19th, The League of Extraordinary Wrestlers brought ThunderManier 2014 to the J. Craig Smith Community Center in Sylacauga, Alabama and 600 wrestling fans turned out to see all the action live!

Extra chairs had to be brought out to accommodate all the fans that turned out

Old school , new school, and hardcore fans all under one roof

LXW promised to have something for everyone no matter what their taste in wrestling is and they were determined to deliver on that promise. 

The show opened with an Elvis impersonator performing at ringside followed by a guitar solo.  The show was recorded for a future DVD release, the commentary for the DVD was done by Mark "Ma-Bo" Bowman from Beyond Ringside and WNC's own Gene Jackson who also did the backstage interviews as well.

Match #1 - Josh Crow vs. Frightmare vs. "Music City Mutt" Kerry Awful vs. Kaden Sade
A very exciting match to kick off the show.  Great action from everyone involved here, a great fast paced bout to start off the show...the heel work from Kerry Awful really stood out here but it was Chikara star Frightmare that came out the victor in this one.

Match #2- Southeastern Legends Match: "1/2 of the Rock & Roll Express Robert Gibson vs. Dr. Tom Prichard w/ "Rock & Roll RPM" Allen Martin
A classic old school match up between two veterans of the ring.  Prichard got a lot of heat before the match even started harassing the "Red Solo Cup" fans in the crowd who wore cups on their head, which brought on a "mic spiel" from Red Solo Cup who appeared at ringside. Not sure if this was impromptu or not but judging by the looks on the faces of Prichard and Gibson they didn't seem to be expecting it.  A good back and forth match that ended abruptly when attempted interference from Martin on Prichard's behalf backfired.  Prichard didn't take kindly to this and was discussing it in the ring with Martin when the music for the next match started and they were hurried out of the ring.

Match #3- "The Kosher Chef" Andrew Goldstein vs.  "Hollywood" Kyle Backula w/Derrick Bischoff
This is the kind of match you'll only find in LXW.  The once humble "Backyard Superstar" Kyle Backula has gone "Hollywood" and the fans did not appreciate it.  The Kosher Chef cooked up some impressive offense in this one including his "Jew-Jit-Su"....but it wasn't enough to overcome the "creative control" of Hollywood and Bischoff who used a bag of change to get the win over Mr. Goldstein. 

Match #4- Triple Threat, No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere: "Action" Mike Jackson vs. The Ultimate Dragon vs. "The New Age Superstar" Joe Hogan
Different combinations of these three have met many times, on many shows throughout the state but I would believe this is the first time they've all three gone at it in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.  The match did see it's way out to the floor for a brief time but eventually made it's way back to the ring where Joe Hogan managed to squeeze out a victory over the Dragon.

Match #5- 8 Team Gauntlet Match to Crown the First Ever LXW Tag Team Champions
I don't have the order of elimination in front of me but here's the list of teams.
1. The Burke County Boys (Porkchop Cash Jr./Terry Houston)
2. Lil' Donnie & 8-Ball
3. "Wild Thing" Will Owens & Cecil Plezing
4. Cowboy Jimmy & Jeff Hart w/Big Country
5. The Ubermenschen (Otis/Death Row)
6. Super Brown & El Pollo Diablo
7. The Scufflin Hillbillies
8. "Cowboy Dusty McWilliams & Kornbread

What resulted was a wild match that was essentially 7 matches in one and when it was all said and done The Ubermenschen (Otis & Death Row) became the first ever LXW Double Burger Tag Team Champions winning the burger trophies and gaining more ground on dominating LXW.

Match #6- Freight Train & Red Solo Cup w/Peanut vs. $5 Wrestling Champion Big Donnie & "Mega Star" Memphis Monroe
Red Solo Cup needed a partner so he brought in $5 Wrestling's beloved Superstar Freight Train. $5 Wrestling Champion Big Donnie needed a partner so he brought in LXW newcomer "Mega Star" Memphis Monroe.  Sylacauga loves local favorite Red Solo Cup and they also love Freight Train...and as much as they loved those two they hated Donnie/Monroe.  It looked as though Donnie/Monroe were gonna cheat their way to victory but from out of nowhere Freight Train ran over Memphis Monroe with the 'Train Wreck' and got his team the victory.  Big Donnie/Memphis Monroe attacked them afterwards resulting in Freight Train being rammed into the ring post and Red Solo Cup receiving THREE big splashes from Big Donnie and having to be helped out of the ring.

Spidar Boodrow vs. Freakshow vs. "Angel of Death" John Rare vs. John Wayne Murdoch vs. Josh Crow vs. Bryant Woods vs. Frightmare
For anyone who came out to see violence, this match brought it and then some.  Some absolutely crazy spots in this one that you'll have to see to believe when the DVD comes out.  After all sorts of carnage and several different potential champions, "Angel of Death" John Rare (thanks to some help from his Ubermenschen cronies) was able to get up the ladder and unify the titles.  John Rare is now the LXW Intergalactic Champion and the last ever IWA Deep South Champion.

The DVD will be released in May, I will post a link here on WrestlingNewsCenter when it becomes available.  To learn more about LXW, to purchase their other DVDs, T-shirts, and etc. 

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