Wednesday, April 23, 2014


The night opened up with a special induction into the new EPW Wall of Memorials. We were all saddened at the untimely death of Nelson Frasier known by many other names but to us as Big Daddy V. Words can never express the respect that he had by his EPW Wrestling family as well as all over the world. After the induction a couple of matches were put into motion. The match between 24/7 and the tag champs Raja and Harley each in singles action. If 24/7 won they would get a title shot. Also Bonecrusher was informed that he couldn't touch Soultaker until details were ironed out. Cassanova Kidd informed him that he would be glad to do the honors. Bonecrusher was challenged by Mitch Toretta which he happily accepted.
The first match was between Bonecrusher and Mitch Toretta w/ Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock. This was a battle of the big men for sure. It was for sure a major slug fest and adding to it was Souktaker who came from the back and attacked Bonecrusher. Cassanova Kidd came to his partner's aid and cleared the ring. bone got the win in this one by DQ.
Promoter Edith Poole came out and announced the "The Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant would be inducted into the Wall of Fame for a second time. Superstar Bill Dundee came out and was not at all happy that it wasn't him. This altercation brought out the fact that Boogie would be getting a title shot later in the night.
Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor w/ Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock went against Chris Cade. Taylor took it to the rookie of the ring without a doubt. Cade tried to mount a little offense in the match but it was thwarted by a visitor from the back with a chair shot. They seemed to think it was Brody Hawk who administered the blow. Hmmmmmmm could it have been?
1/2 of 24/7 JR Mauler went against 1/2 of the EPW tag champions Samoan Raja. If Mauler wins the match per an earlier agreement and his tag partner Kross won his match against Buzz Harley they would get a shot at the tag team gold this Saturday night. Mauler and Raja took it to the limit but when the shoulders were counted it was Mauler who got the win.
The feud was in full force on Saturday night between Cassanova Kidd and Soultaker. They were inside and outside the ring completely beating each other senseless. Soultaker choke slammed Kidd bringing Bonecrusher in from the back. This in turn brought the Clique to the ring which way out numbered Bone and Kidd. It was total chaos when Chris Cade tried to offer his assistance which was wan epic fail on his part. Bone and Kidd were left lying on the floor and in the ring and had to be assisted to the back by security. You can rest assured that this one will is far from being finished.
The semi main was between 1/2 of 24/7 Kross taking on 1/52 of the EPW tag team champions Hollywood Clique member Buzz Harley. This one had a stipulation matching a match from earlier in the night with the tag partners of each.... JR Mauler and Samoan Raja. If Kross wins his match following Mauler's win then they would get a shot at the tag belts. It was hard to tell which way this one was going to go these to went after each other so hard. In thwe end Kross got the pin fall and ensured that 24/7 would get their title shot.
The main event was between Superstar Bill Dundee w/ Hollywood Jimmy Valiant going against The "Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant in a title match for the EPW Heavyweight Championship. Dundee and Valiant battled it toe to toe from the bell. Valiant looked as if he was getting the upper hand when Blaylock tossed Dundee a foreign object. As he was about to use the object the referee saw it and blocked his arm. This enabled Valiant to get the 1 2 3 and become the new EPW Heavyweight Champion. Dundee was livid over losing his belt to Boogie and they exchanged several insults toward each others family. I'm sure this one is far from over. .

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