Tuesday, April 15, 2014


The first match was between Juicy Johnny Morton w/Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock taking on Chris Cade. Blaylock tried to give Morton a foreign object to use on Cade which he refused telling Blaylock he could take care of it himself. Cade got the win 1 2 3 with a roll up. The rest of the Clique came to the ring and took their frustrations out on Morton over the loss.
Brody Hawk took on the masked man going by Black Diamond. This one went back and forth with of course Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock making his presence being known. He gave Hawk a foreign object which he tried to use but was blocked by special referee "The Mississippi Queen" BeBe. She stood toe to toe with Hawk and after a slap to the face he over powered BeBe which brought out promoter Edith Poole. She let Blaylock know several things that will take place Saturday night. Watch for upcoming announcements in the next few days.
The semi main event was a handicap match between Brody Hawk & Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor taking on Chris Cade, This one was a take the kid to school match until Juicy Johnny Morton who was jumped by the Clique earlier in the night came to the aid of Cade and became his partner but his was short lived as Samoan Raja came from the dressing room and took care of business.
The fans bring weapons match turned into a tag match between Bonecrusher and Cassanova Kidd taking on "Soultaker" and Buzz Harley.The fans questioned if this was the real Taker or and impostor. The question remains unanswered. This one was brutal from start to finish with them using everything but the kitchen sink. These guys battled blow for blow when out of the crowd came Mitch Toretta who appeared to be about to give Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock what he deserved. Much to the disbwelief of the crowd Toretta hit Bonecrusher with a door and it became obvious that Toretta was now a member of the Hollywood Clique. They continue to strengthen in numbers each week.

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