Sunday, April 13, 2014

Benefit event held at UCW Sunday April 13th 2014. Results.

The West Tennessee Independent Wrestling Community came together today in a benefit being held for victims of a house fire. It, as I have said before, amazes me that when a benefit event is organized, usually on a weeks notice, how many Wrestlers actually show up to help. Numerous names made the card today shine. Instead of listing all names her I will do that in the results section of this report. A total of 8 matches rounded out the event.

Match 1- Super Brown Vs Braykin Bones. Winner Via a devastating spear, Super Brown.

Match 2- Battle Royal Combatants: TJ ORiely, Chase Mccoy, Terry Wayne, Addison Caine, JP and BB of the Sons of the South, Captain Madman, Zach Obrien, and Jason the brain. After a hard fought match the win went to Jason The Brain via him getting the best of TJ and pushing him over the top rope...

Match 3- Diamond Doll vs  Lil Bit. Winner of the match Lil Bit Via Bulldog.

Match 4- Tim "Mr 406" Edwards and Quicksilver Vs . Xander Legend and Skyler Devins

Match 5- Rockin Randy Vs Chris Jones Vs Captain Madman. Captain Madman won this match.

Match 6- Chase Mccoy and Biscuit Vs Todd and Brandon "Black INC" Winners of the match Chase Mccoy and Biscuit.

Match 7- TJ O'Riley, Erik Hayes and 1/2 of the LA Hustlers, Roughshot. Vs Big Red, Dell Tucker and Derrick. Chaos attached itself to this Match early. Deterioration continued quickly and a double food cake,

Match - Main Event, The SOS Vs The Holligans. SOS took the match.

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