Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New TN Record Book Released

Memphis Wrestling History's latest book is a record book that covers the entire Tennessee territory for the years of 1973 through 1979. This record book continues the collaboration of wrestling historians Tim Dills and Mark James. The first record book by duo covered the Tennessee territory during 1980-89. This second book continues and list all the known cards and results for the area for 1973 through 1979. Not only are the Jerry Jarrett cards listed, but the Nick Gulas ones as well. Some of cities and results covered are from Memphis, Nashville, Jackson, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Tupelo MS, Louisville KY, Evansville IN, Jonesboro AR and many more. The book's foreword was written by Memphis Wrestling legend Tommy Gilbert.

Memphis Wrestling History: Tennessee Record Book 1973-1979 (464 pp., B&W) is available now. It is currently priced at $23.99 and is available in print at Amazon. (Click here to see it on Amazon)

SPWA To Appear in Ripley Mississippi May 9th with a Live TV Taping

    SPWA Wrestling May 9th 2014 Ripley Mississippi LIVE TV TAPINGS!!

    Bell Time 730pm

    This show will be filmed for future airing on Ch. 99 out of New Albany MS that reaches 13 counties across the mid south beginning June 7th.

    Neil Taylor vs Jacob Kilgore

    Nathan Aulridge vs Terrell Tempo

    Brandon Riot vs Bret Michaels

    SPWA Women's Champion Diana Taylor vs Winner of Camille/Jade Haven match that takes place May 3rd in Ramer TN

    Rudy Boy Gonzalez vs Danny Dollar

    SPWA Tag Team Champions HGH defend against Mike Hernadez and Leo Salazar

    Chris Styles and Nick Grymes vs SPWA Heavyweight Champion Alex Stone and West TN Champion Knockout Kid

    SPWA Hardcore Title Lumberjack Match Big Country defends against Bam Bam Bundy
    Also appearing - JettRipper, Iron and Steel, The Snakeman Mitch Toretta and more!
          A Special Treat for you fans. Memphis Wrestling Legend "Outlaw" Don Bass will also be at                 this event. 

Location of the Event will be at the Ripley Park and a Recreation Center next to the high school and tickets are $8 at the door , $6 advance or if you have a military ID. Advanced tickets are on sale now at Grants Electronics and Trade Day Furniture both located on highway 15 in Ripley MS

              ***Courtesy Matt Wilbanks

    Tuesday, April 29, 2014

    Locals to Legends Wrestling Radio w/ Matt Justyce

    This week Gene Jackson is joined on the show by a young man that's stirred up quite a bit of controversy in the past couple of weeks with his #handitoverortakeitover campaign. If you want to read more about it, check out the two links below before listening to this week's show.

    So having read all that and seeing the videos on Facebook, host Gene Jackson decided to invite Matt Justyce to be on the show this week so he could elaborate a little more on what he's trying to accomplish with #handitoverortakeitover.  An interesting interview and whether you like what Matt has had to say so far he actually makes some very good points and I think everyone should give this a listen and see whether you agree or disagree.  Hearing the whole story there may be more people in agreement with him than they realize. 

    Matt Justyce w/Maria and Dustin Starr

    So listen to it and feel free to email me ( or message me on Facebook your thoughts.  Share the link and let others decide their feelings as well.

    UPCOMING GUESTS INCLUDE: Eric Wayne, Tony Givens, Derrick King, and a series of interviews with the stars of ProSouth Wrestling!

    Ricky Rodeo announces opening of Ricky Rodeo School of Wrestling

    Released by Ricky Rodeo School of Wrestling


    Jonesboro, Arkansas-Accomplished Mid South wrestler Ricky Rodeo also known to fans as Bitty Little would like to announce publicly today the opening of "Ricky Rodeo School of Wrestling" in Jonesboro, Arkansas. The announcement comes shortly after the launch of a Facebook page promoting the school with an official website set to launch in the next few days.

    Classes will be held in Jonesboro, Arkansas with complete facilities provided as the School will be ran at a wrestling venue allowing trainee's to compete in the same environment they are training to one day compete in. The school will provide a truly professional atmosphere and licensed staff to help students develop their abilities in various areas of the sport.

    In Ring Training-Learn how to perform safely and professionally while gaining knowledge and an understanding of the sport.

    Showmanship-In addition to wrestling, the school will provide instruction on interaction with fans, microphone etiquette and the art of showmanship.

    Quality Instruction-Safe, Quality instruction on the art of Professional Wrestling with qualified instructors.

    Rodeo initially trained with Bill Dundee and has competed for various high caliber promotions not limited to but including Memphis Championship Wrestling which was a WWE developmental territory. With two decades of experience performing in venues ranging from National Guards to prominent wrestling events in the Mid South such as WWE House Shows, Rodeo is looking to pass that knowledge onto those seeking a future in Professional Wrestling. For more information on the Ricky Rodeo School of wrestling visit the Facebook page at



    The night started with "Superstar" Bill Dundee coming to the announcer's table with Axeman and a guest announcer, JR Mauler. he was still very unhappy at the loss of his belt and called Promoter Edith Poole out telling her he would get a rematch for the belt. This brought out the new champ "The Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant. Poole informed Dundee he would not be getting his title shot that night because Valiant already had an opponent. Dundee was livid and decided he didn't Mauler's amusement and a little pushing and shoving started between the two. Mauler informed Dundee that his partner Kross was there for him to go find himself one and they could hit the ring right then. Dundee went to the back and brought fellow Clique member Brody Hawk with him. Anyone who knows hawk this one was right up his alley. He has been involved in some the most epic battles with 24/7. They inflicted and extreme amount of punishment to Mauler's arm but in the end he got the roll up on Hawk for the shoulder count. Dundee and Hawk were upset to say the least but 24/7 informed them they would catch them later they had to get ready for their title match later in the night. Hollywood Clique member Mitch Toretta w/Smooth took on Cousin Petey in a singles match. This bell on this one had not been rang long when Soultaker hit the ring and he and Toretta were putting and old fashioned..... well you know on Cousin Petey when Kentrell came out with an equalizer clearing the ring. Taker nor Toretta were none to happy with him sticking his nose in the Clique's business. They challenged the two of them to a tag match later in the night which they accepted. 24/7 Kross and JR Mauler earned a tag team title match for the gold. They took on the champs in the team of Samoan Raja and Buzz Harley w/ Smooth who came to the ring on crutches. These guys were exchanging blow for blow and move for move but as usual Smooth stuck his nose in the match by using one of those crutches. His plan backfired on him and his team causing them to no longer hold those belts and EPW has new tag champs, Kross and JR Mauler.
    The semi main was between Hollywood Clique Members Soultaker and Mitch Toretta taking on Cousin Petey and James Kentrell. This match up came from earlier in the night. Taker and Toretta were for sure a force to be reckoned with as the two giants took their frustrations out on their opponents by using a chair on both. They left a lasting impression as a tag team for sure. Petey and Kentrell had to be helped to the back after getting the win by DQ.
    The main event was between the always crowd favorite, newly crowned EPW Heavyweight Champion "The Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant taking on Hollywood Clique member Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor. This one was back and forth with these two competitors. It seemed as if Valiant had things well in hand when Taylor pulled what what looked like a chain to the crowd. Referee Turtle turned around just in the nick of time to stop Taylor from the object to take out the champ. The referee restarted the match and Valiant quickly picked up the win to retain his heavyweight title. He found a young man to help him celebrate his win.