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UCW Union City, TN Results and Pics Saturday Mar 22nd. Harley Race Appearence

Tonight UCW had a unexpected surprise. We found out Just Hours before the Event was to open, that none other than 8 Time World Champion “Handsome” Harley Race was on his way to UCW with not only his son Leland, but 6 of his trainees and graduates from the World League Wrestling Academy. Mr Race wanted his students to face the best UCW had to offer, and that they did. There are not many times in this industry that a man with the experience and caliber that Mr Race possess just shows up and challenges your roster. Tonight it happened and tonight UCW showed why it is one of the premier organizations right here in the Mid South.

Match 1- TJ O'Riley W/ Jay Moore Vs Oz. The match was heated from the start. Oz quickly took control of the pace and attempted to end the match quickly. Unfortunately for Oz, TJ is no pushover. Even with a valiant effort, Oz was not able to overcome a distraction from Ms. Rachel and a devastating “crossroads” from TJ, allowing TJ to get the win. TJ was about to conduct another “cross roads” on Oz when Sarge O'Riley came to the ring in an attempt to talk TJ Out of it. Sarge was able to stop further injury on OZ, but the emotional injury he sustained from TJ turning his back on him is almost to much for him to handle.

Match 2- The Diamond Doll and Miss Natural Vs Lil Bit and Stacey O'Brien. The four ladies in this match have a past history that led to this match being signed. Miss Natural is one of the hardest hitting ladies in this business, and she makes it her mission to punish whomever she faces. The Doll is sinister and conniving. Stacie and Lil Bit were in for a fight. Neither backed down and both gave 100%. In the end that turned into a win for Stacey and Lil Bit over Miss Natural and the Diamond Doll.

Match 3- UCW Tag Team Championship Match. Champions the S.O.B. Vs Harley Race Italian trainees Chris Steel and Karim Brigante. The been made by Commissioner “Showtime” Daniel Thomas due to having a special plan for the SOB. Briagnte and Steel gave the S.O.B. A run for their money. The two Italians seemed to have more experience than just being trainees. Mark Justice of the SOB felt so threatened by The Two Italians he intentionally got disqualified. The Referee would not allow that and ordered 5 more minutes. The Two Italians immediately took out the SOB and were awarded the win. The fans went wild believing the two Italians had won the championships. The joy did not last as Commissioner Thomas broke the news that the first match was for the titles, but the additional 5 minutes did not have the title stipulation attached. The SOB retain the UCW Tag Championships.

Match 4- “Southern Perfection” Gaylon Ray W/ Jay More and Ms Jessica Vs Houston. To say there is no love loss between these two is an understatement. Every time they meet the intensity is off the charts. Houston is a extreme risk taker and pulled out the stops, Gaylon is a superior mat technician and was able to ground Houston repeatedly. Jay Moore and Ms Jessica were also instrumental in the outcome of the match by their continued interference. Houston had been distracted by Jay Moore pulling the referee away from a pin count. While he was distracted Gaylon set up for an expertly timed Perfect plex. Cinched in tight, Gaylon pulled out the win against Houston.

Match 5- The Sons of the South Vs Two more of Harley Race's Italian Trainees, Willie “G” and Dave Blasco. The training Harley Race has given to these two was highly impressive. They stood toe to toe with one of the toughest and young tag teams UCW has to offer, The SOS. The Sons were able to gain a quick advantage and held that advantage through most of the match due to their rule breaking ways. They cut off Willie” for an extended time and almost got the win multiple times. During a skirmish for a tag. The referee was knocked down and unable to keep the match under control. The SOS punished the two Italians and with massive choke slam BB, of the SOS tried to make a pin. This backfired on him though, because Big Red came down to the ring and exacted a bit of justice with a hard Choke slam on BB. Red rolled over Blasco on top of BB for the win. The SOS are not happy at all.

 Main Event. UCW Championship on the line. Champion Anton “Mr. Everything” Leveigh Vs Leland Race. This match was a wrestling fans dream. The two faced off in a scientific match and deviated little form attempted submissions to wear down mat wrestling. The knowledge each man has in the scientific methods of this sport was a sight to behold. Leland appeared to get more and more aggravated as he attempted to best Anton at every turn.Anton would not allow himself to be taken down easily and matched Leland move for move. In a quick maneuver out of no where Anton hit Leland with an RKO and gained the win. The celebration was short lived as Anton was jumped by Gaylon Ray and both of the SOS, along with Jay Moore. They were able to Handcuff Anton to the ring rope and beat on him relentlessly. Jason Tha Brain and Ricky Andrews came to the ring and helped as much as they could until they were also beaten down. Jason was also handcuffed to the ropes and this allowed the SOS to take Ricky down. Gaylon at that time attempted to injure Ricky's surgically repaired knee, placing it in between a steel chair. Just as he was about to bash Ricky's knee Houston came in to help his friends. This put a stop to the violence for tonight.

Derrick O'Dell
Wrestling News Center

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