Sunday, March 30, 2014

UCW Union City, TN Mar 29th results and pictures New US Champion Crowned.

Tonight March 29th 2014 UCW held a tournament to crown a new UCW US Champion. The six men selected to face each other have been rising in the ranks of UCW for sometime and were ready to prove why they were given the chance to hold this prestigious title.

Match 1- TJ O'Riely W/ Jay Moore Vs Houston. TJ has hit a mean streak and is taking advantage of Jay Moore being in corner. Houston was off his game and was plagued by an injury to his left leg throughout the match. Houston did not use this injury as an excuse to give in, but it was enough of an advantage for TJ and Jay Moore to focus on. TJ took the win after two precise “Crossroads” on Houston. TJ advances to the next stage of the tournament.

Match 2- Big Red Vs Dell “KOD” Tucker. Tucker was outsized, but he has faced this before. Red was initially cordial, but this did not last as long as Tucker would have hoped. Big Red Threw Tucker around like a rag doll, but Tucker was able to mount a comeback with an attempt at the “FTD”. This was interrupted by the interference of the Sons of the South when they attacked Big Red, causing Tucker to be disqualified. Big Red advances.

Match 3- Oz Vs Chris Hayes. Oz threw Chris off his game early with an exhibition of his “feminine” ways. Chris was unsure how to proceed and Oz was noticeably the same way. Oz, who can be vicious when he wants to be, toned down his style and wrestled a fair match. The two fought a good match. Ms Rachel came to ringside and sprayed Oz in the face with hair spray while Chris was distracted. Not knowing what Ms Rachel had done Chris hit a quick “Trouble in Paradise” to Oz's jaw. Chris Hayes took the win and advanced in the Tournament.

Match 4- Three way dance for the US Title. Big Red Vs TJ O'Riley Vs Chris Hayes. The fight started quickly between the three with no one with a clear advantage. Chris Hayes used his high flying maneuvers to his advantage, but could not catch a break with a pin. Big Red and TJ brawled and neither was able to gain a pin on the other. Jay Moore lurked at ringside just waiting to strike, and strike he did, Jay Moore picked up the US belt and snuck into the ring, after referee Eric Teas was taken out by a hard hit in the corner. Jay hit Big Red in the face and TJ was able to get the pin. TJ O'Riley is the New US Champion...

Main Event- The Sons of the South, “Southern Perfection” Gaylon Ray and Erik Hayes Vs “NRG”- Anton Leveigh, Dell Tucker, DJ Stunner and Houston. This match was wild from start to finish. The Team of SOS, Ray and Hayes quickly took advantage of distracting referee Charlie Brown and put a beating on Dell Tucker for most of the match. Dell was able to make a tag to his teammates and the match deteriorated even further. In all the action Anton Leveigh hit Erik Hayes with an RKO for the win. The pent up frustration Anton has for Gaylon took the match to an uneasy conclusion. Anton hit Gaylon with two border destroyers and was threatened with suspension by Mr Biro if he put another hand on Gaylon. Anton is not one that likes to be told what to do. Anton Picked up a Kendo stick that had been brought to the ring by Erik Hayes. Anton defied Mr. Biro and hit Gaylon in the “Groin” area. Anton was levied a week suspension. Mr Biro extended the suspension to all of the NRG members as well...

Derrick O'Dell
Wrestling News Center

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