Tuesday, March 25, 2014

SPWA Ramer, TN results Mar 22 2014 Card for Mar 29th Also

  • SPWA Wrestling March 22nd 2014 Ramer TN Bell Time 8pm
    Match 1 - Womens Title Match Jade Haven beat Camille to retain the Championship after a powerbomb and putting her feet on the ropes. After the match Camille tried to exit but Nick Grymes led Watson Inc back out and grabbed Camille dragging her back into the ring and stomping and punching her repeatedly until once again Chris Styles hit the ring this week with a crutch. The ring cleared but Watson Inc surrounded him until Styles took to the microphone and told Watson Inc that he promised us he had some friends and for Nick Grymes to just look behind him.
    LSD members Idol Bane, Cody Only and Paris Kelly hit the stage sending Watson Inc scattering. Once inside the ring Styles informed Grymes, and the other members of Watson Inc tonight they were getting their ass kicked all over Ramer TN!
    Match 2 - Hardcore Title Match Danny Morris vs Big Country ended in a double pin after both men nailed each other with chairs.
    Next up Knockout Kid made his way to the ring saying johnny Morton wasn't here tonight and it was thanks to HGH, well just like the fans tonight he's ready for a fight and he's not waiting for later. Unfortunately after the commission member Jim Casey was finished the fans would have to wait a little later. As he added HGH and Iron and Steel vs. Knockout Kid, and Jett Ripper
    Match 3 - Jay Kraft beat Danny Daniels Jay ended the undefeated streak of young Danny Daniels after his mother accidentally hit Daniels in the face after the match Tina drug her son to the locker room by the ear blaming him for the loss. Mean while inside the ring AC Styles slid in and attacked Jay making it clear he was the man he wanted all along.
    Match 4 - HGH and Tag Team Champions Iron and Steel vs Knockout Kid and Jett Ripper The ending of the match seen PK Ripper and Jett Hero hit stereo suicide dives on Iron and Steel and fight through the crowd, meanwhile inside the ring HGH wouldn't stop their assault on Knockout Kid and Commission member Jim Casey was forced to suspend both HGH members.
    Next up SPWA Heavyweight Champion Alex Stone joined us and said he was sick of Watson Inc just like everyone else in Ramer TN, he's had his battles with Nick Grymes and finally ended his reign as champion but there is one man he hasn't faced. It's the man who injured his father, uncle and even burned his grandfather, that man is Michael Gilbert. Michael Gilbert walked out on stage and told Watson Inc he could handle this one himself. Alex proceeded to tell Michael he wasn't stupid he knows what it's going to take to get him in the ring, next week in the main event for the SPWA Heavyweight Championship he wants Michael Gilbert one on one. Gilbert entered the ring before accepting the challenge and laying Alex out with his trademark spinebuster!
    Main Event - Chris Styles, and LSD's Idol Bane, Cody Only, and Paris Kelly beat Nick Grymes, Diana Taylor, Big John and Neil Taylor Another action packed match that you would expect from these men, the ending of the match saw Paris Kelly take Diana Taylor down with her double underhook pedigree, meanwhile Grymes whipped Styles into the ropes he ducked the clothesline and dove out of the ring on everyone. Grymes quickly broke up the pin on Diana and grabbed Paris up for the Go To Sleep but turned around into a super kick from Styles and a roll up from Paris for the three count!
  • SPWA Wrestling Ramer TN March 29th 2014 Bell Time 8pm Tickets $6
    Confirmed Matches
    SPWA HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Alex Stone (c) vs Michael Gilbert
    West TN Champion Nathan Auldridge returns to go one on one with Danny Dollar
    PK Ripper and Jett Hero will be in tag team action against the debuting team of Sinister!
    The feud between Grymes and Styles could explode after Styles caused Grymes to be pinned by Paris Kelly last week.
    Plus much more!
Courtesy SPWA Matt Wilbanks.

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