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SPW Selmer, TN Results from March 8th SPW 46


Southern Premier Wrestling
SPW 46: Happy Birthday!
March 8, 2014
Selmer, TN
National Guard Armory

Before the show began, SPW Liaison to the Senior Partners, Zed Gecko, made his way to the ring to make a few announcements. Gecko informed the fans in attendance that Christian Shane would not be able to compete in the scheduled championship match due to him having the flu. Gecko went so ...far as to state that Andrew Palmer had instigated the fight with Christian Shane the previous week just so that he could infect Shane with the flu. Gecko then informed the crowd that the opening match of the night would determine who would face Andrew Palmer in the main event for the SPW Heavyweight Championship.

Match 1: #1 Contenders Match for the SPW Heavyweight Championship-Cory Daniels defeated “The Magnificent” Reno Diamond w/Michael Ward via pinfall with a schoolboy.

Match 2: #1 Contenders Match for the SPW West Tennessee Championship (Elimination Match)-“Lone Wolf” Rickey Smith defeated “The M.O.E.” Moe Stegall, “K-SWISS” Kirk Stanley, and “Matty Ice” Matt Taylor to become the #1 Contender to the SPW West Tennessee Championship by pinning Stegall after a 450 splash.

Order of Elimination:
Matt Taylor (by “K-SWISS”)
“K-SWISS” (by Rickey Smith)
Moe Stegall (by Rickey Smith)

Match 3: SPW West Tennessee Championship Match-“Drop Dead” Dale Wylde defeated “Lethal” Steven Davis to win the SPW West Tennessee Championship. Closing moments of this match saw the referee get shoved down by Davis. While Davis checked on the referee, Wylde grabbed his hand mirror and the moment Davis turned around, Wylde broke the mirror over Davis’ head. Wylde picked up the bloody Davis and connected with an arm-hook fisherman buster to score the pinfall.

Match 4: “Dangerous” Dan Matthews defeated “Big” Mic Vicious, pinning him after bodyslamming the giant TWICE and connecting with a spinebuster.

Match 5: SPW Tag Team Championship Match-“The Super Best Friends” Austin Carrier and Fleur de Lethal w/ Kellen James defeated “K-SWISS” Kirk Stanley and SPW West Tennessee Champion “Drop Dead” Dale Wylde to retain the SPW Tag Team Championship when Lethal pinned “K-SWISS” after a double team rocket launcher.

Match 6: Falls Count Anywhere Match-Katelynn Pryde defeated Anita Paige via submission with a single-leg Boston crab. These two ladies fought all over the National Guard Armory! They used chairs, baking pans, and even the ring bell on one another! In the end, Katelynn targeted the knee of Paige and scored the submission victory.

After the match, Katelynn continued the assault on Paige's knee for several minutes before "The Super Best Friends" came to the rescue and chased off Pryde and her manager, Michael Ward. Paige was unable to put any pressure on her leg after the match and had to be carried to the locker room.

Match 7: SPW Heavyweight Championship Match-SPW Heavyweight Champion “Psycho Butcher” Andrew Palmer defeated Cory Daniels and “The Magnificent” Reno Diamond w/Michael Ward to retain the SPW Heavyweight Championship. This match began as Andrew Palmer versus Cory Daniels one-on-one, but Reno Diamond made his way to ringside and cashed in the SPW Premier Pass to insert himself into the title contest. Closing moments of this match saw Daniels connect with his patented “roaring elbow”, only for Palmer to immediately connect with a package piledriver and score the pinfall.

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