Monday, March 17, 2014


Brandon Espinosa defeated Barrakus
Gunner Laine defeated Devyn Nicole
"Handsome" Jimmy Valiant was inducted into the PWE Hall of Champions
Derrick King defeated "Drop Dead" Dale Wylde
Gunner Laine/Skylar Devins defeated Bolt Brady/Raphael King
The Handsome Stranger defeated "3G" Eric Wayne
"The Mid-South Monster" Bull Bronson defeated "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony to retain PWE Unified Championship

PWE fans braved the bad weather on a Sunday afternoon to see the diamonds of professional wrestling. The true highlight of the evening was the induction of "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant into the PWE Hall of Champions! Jimmy Valiant is now the first man to be both a WWE Hall of Famer and a member of the PWE Hall of Champions. Jimmy was very gracious and humble while accepting his award. He mentioned later that he would display it proudly in his wrestling training facility back home for years to come.

("Handsome" Jimmy Valiant accepting his award presented by Jason Walker and The Chairman of Championship Committee Jon Michael)
Two young guns in PWE, Gunner Laine and Skylar Devins took on the very well traveled team of Raphael King and Bolt Brady. This match was a very fast paced, non stop action that would expect from these suburb young athletes. In the end it was a dirty tactic that gave Laine/Devins the victory but their celebration was short lived as another legend on hand had a problem with how they won. Bobby Eaton came out and gave a "Beautiful" right hand to both Gunner and Skylar. Sending Skylar back into the ring for Bolt and Raphael to extract their revenge with a 3D!
The Handsome Stranger faced his toughest challenge to date by taking on a 1st class, 2nd to none, 3rd generation wrestling superstar in Eric Wayne. THS had a tough enough job as it was but with Coach JP in Eric's corner it become very clear that he wasn't going to get a fair fight tonight that was until "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant came to the ringside area to even the odds. Once the fight was one on one we were treated to a great wrestling contest which The Handsome Stranger one with that patented reverse DDT. The undefeated streak of The Handsome Stranger continues. After the match, "Handsome" Jimmy showed his respect for the young Handsome Stranger 

("Handsome" Jimmy gets a handle on things with Coach JP)
*All picture credit goes to Kenneth Coker*
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