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Memphis Wrestling Henderson, TN Results and Pics from Mar 14th 2014

Memphis Wrestling” Henderson, TN results and pictures from Friday Night March 14th 2014. Carl Perkins Benefit against Child Abuse. Location Henderson Co. High School.

The Night's Announcer: Bert Prentice

The Night's Referee: Scott Stevens

There were 6 great matches lined up for this annual event. They each had their merits for excitement and causality. I was true impressed with how ell the event was ran. From the ticket takers, concession workers and the people organizing the event. Everyone had a mission, to raise money for this great cause. I was truly proud to be a part of the nights activies.

Match 1- Chris Michaels Vs Matt Boyce. These two wrestled a very fast paced exciting match, that left the crowd wanting more. The winner of the match after a flurry of pin reversal's was Matt Boyce, much to the crowds pleasure.

Match 2- RB Brown Vs Tatt2. The two men were completely different when it came to mat skills. Tatt2 is an amazing high flier and RB Brown is a mat fighter with a tendency to break a rule if necessary. The two exchanged a hard fought battle with Tatt2 coming out with the win after an amazing 450 splash.

 Match 3- Grudge Match between two of Henderson's most well known doctors. Henderson Doctor, Dr. Linder, teamed with Dr. Tom Prichard and “Dangerous” Doug Gilbert as the faced Henderson Doctor, Dr. McCarver, with Bill “ Superstar” Dundee and Kevin “ The Nature Boy” White. The action was fast furious and comical at times. The fans loved the fact that the two Doctors were involved, and each of them conducted themselves well. The match was in the favor of Prichard and Gilbert until a miscue Between Prichard and Dr. Linder led to Bill Dundee pinning Prichard, after Prichard had been Pushed By Dr Linder during an argument. Winners of the match Dr. McCarver, Bill Dundee and Kevin White.

Match 4- Cerebus Vs “Grand Master Sexay” Brian Christopher. These two have faced each other many times in the past as a tag team and as single wrestler's. They have not seen each other in sometime, but the rivalry still stood. After an extremely hard fought match Brian Christopher was able to gain the win with a Top rope leg drop.

Match 5- Derrick King Vs “The Bird Man “ Koko Ware. I was amazed at how Derrick King disrespected Koko through out this match. From cheating to choking this Legend, Derrick pulled out all stops. Fortunately for the fans Koko was able to over come this by hitting Derrick with a well placed Bulldog.

 Main Event- “The Vampire Warrior” Gangrel Vs Jerry “ The King” Lawler. Gangrel has not missed a step in his evil ways since leaving the WWE. He took The King to task this evening focusing on The King's Chest. As everyone knows, The King suffered a heart ailment last year and Gangrel did everything he could to exploit that. Several Heart punches left The King reeling, but he was able to over come as Gangrel went for a splash missing The King. The King went for a quick school boy take down and Got the pin. Winner Jerry “The King” Lawler.

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