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Memphis Power Wrestling Results and pics from Mar 15th at The Resorts Tunica , MS.

This was one exciting card. Action was wall to wall and non stop from the first bell to the last. Memphis Power Wrestling Hit the ball out of the park. If you missed it, don't worry, they will be back again later this year.

I would like to take this time to thank the Memphis Power Wrestling management for the opportunity to cover this event. It was a lot of fun and it was great to see all of the fans enjoying a great treat, that is Memphis Style Wrestling.

Memphis POWER Wrestling results from Too Cool II at Resorts Casino Tunica, MS.

The Event was Mc'd by Brandon Baxter and Terrence Ward. Brandon Kicked off the night by interviewing "The Soulman" Rocky Johnson. It was great to see Rocky and boy was he still in great shape.

 Derrick King Vs Reggie B Fine. Reggie B was welcomed strongly by the crowd. Derrick King was none to happy about this and began to complain. Reggie B went out in the crowd and brought Derrick a baby bottle to soothe his pain. Derrick came unglued and to Reggie's dismay took the win with a cheap use of the ropes to gain the pin.

Kevin “The Nature Boy” White and Melissa Coates with “Hollywood” Jimmy Blaylock Vs Tom Prichard and Lisa “The Rebel Bell” The two teams came out with a dislike for each other right off the bat. Jimmy Blaylock did not help the matter with his treacherous ways. The team of Prichard and Lisa were able to overcome the odds and pull out a win with a double pin on Kevin White.

 “Dangerous” Doug Gilbert and Cerebus Vs “Superstar” Bill Dundee and “The Birdman” Koko Ware. The team of Dundee and Ware started off strong but Gilbert and Cerebus took them to task quickly. With what appeared to be a mistake Koko hit Bill Dundee by mistake. Bill took this personally and began to beat on Koko with a vengeance with Gilbert and Cerebus. Referee Jerry Calhoun threw out the match.

 Dustin 5 Starr with Maria Vs Xpac. This match was a classic. Both are high fliers and have the ability to pull out the hard win. It appeared Dustin had the best of Xpac, but out of no where Xpac hit the X-Factor for the win.

 “The Natural” Chase Stevens and Crimson Vs Too Cool, “ Grand master Sexay” Brian Christopher and Scotty Too Hotty. This was the fight of the night. The two teams battled each other back and fourth in and out of the ring. Neither giving and inch. Too Cool Pulled out the win with a Second rope leg drop by Grandmaster Sexay on to Chase Stevens.

Gangrel Vs Jerry “The King” Lawler. Gangrel is a tough competitor. When he came out he brought a medical technician “to examine” The King due to his recent health scares. Gangrel explained that he would not be held responsible for anything that happened tonight. The King was not impressed and went on with the match. It was hard fought to say the least. Gangrel attacked The King, using “The Heart Punch”. The King fell to the mat where the medical technician began to examine The King. Gangrel kept up the attack and when he was pushed back by the referee, the technician injected The King with with something that gave The King the energy he needed to get back in the game. The King Took the win.

 Derrick O'Dell
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