Thursday, March 27, 2014

In Honor of Brian Reese

Brian Reese, a Photographer, Writer, and a Friend to Many.


Brian Reese was well known to many.  He was a man who was dedicated to wrestling. He loved the business. Brian would travel miles and miles to do photography and do reports on shows. He a was major supporter of women wrestling.  The last few days Facebook has been covered with post about Brian. It's obvious Brian touched alot of people. He made an impact on people with his smile and laugh. Brian helped make WrestlingNewsCenter better. He was outstanding with his work.  I went to a show last year in Florida. People were already readers of WNC because of Brian Reese. Now that was cool.  Brian will always be remembered by many for his love for the business, his photography poses, his classy outfits, and his laugh.

Brian had alot of friends that wanted to contribute to this article.

We will all miss Brian Reese here at Wrestling News Center… Brian always made us smile…fun to be around and such a very nice man who loved professional wrestling. Almost every weekend he was at a show taking pictures and making friends from Florida to Tennessee. He was an outstanding photographer and writer for WNC. I was always delighted to see Brian…he was such a positive person.. Brian had health issues for years but you would have never known it being around him, no matter how bad he felt he would always be smiling and laughing. I consider myself one of the lucky ones to have known him and be his friend. I will miss you Brian …If there’s any wrestling shows in Heaven, I’m sure you will be there making friends. RIP Brian. --Jimmy Blaylock

I was at work when I received the news. It devastated me. I could not focus. I was just going through the motions, trying to wrap my mind around the news I had just received. My very dear friend, Brian Reese, from Moss Point, Mississippi, (affectionately known to all of us as "Superfly B-Smoove") has passed away from pancreatic cancer.
Brian was an absolutely excellent photographer, or, more appropriately, photo journalist. His photos were not only images. They told a story. He was a colleague and friend for whom I had the utmost respect and admiration. I am privileged to have had the opportunity to work with him.
To tell the truth, I have a lot of people who I consider to be friends. However, I can count on one hand those who I consider to be close friends, friends who will stand by me in good times and bad, friends who I can count on, friends I can confide in. Brian was such a friend to me.
I never heard Brian say a negative word about anyone. I never heard anyone say a negative word about him. That is the person he was, always positive. His smile and laugh were infectious.
There is a big, empty place in my life now that I am trying to cope with.
I do not know why, but several months ago Brian began sending me parts of his library of photos. They continued to come on an almost weekly basis until about three weeks ago. I am sure I have only a small part of the photos Brian took over the years, but there are thousands of his photos stored on my computer now. In a few days I will begin publishing a few of them as a tribute to my friend, Brian Reese.
Brian, thanks for your friendship. I am a better person for having known you. Thanks for the memories.
Be sure to show all the angels and saints up there how to B-Smoove!  -- Axeman

Seconds after meeting Brian Reese he became a friend. Our personalities clicked instantly as we both shared many of the same interests. Brian was a huge Atlanta Falcons fan and we liked some of the same music. Then, of course, there was wrestling.
Brian was one of the most dedicated photographers and reporters ever. I was such a fan of his work. He would travel many, many miles over countless hours to cover shows. He was that committed to his craft. I credit Brian for introducing our readers to many new shows and talent from the Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida and even Texas area that wasn't featured before he joined. I would always tell Brian how jealous I was of him because he always got to cover and hang out with all the beautiful women wrestlers at shows. Brian was a key promoter and supporter of women's wrestling. He even had his own Indy Divas Yahoo Group that highlighted a Indy Diva of the Month.
Not only was Brian an excellent photographer and reporter, but he would also sing The National Anthem, announce and was even named General Manager at select shows.
I was honored to get to hang out with Brian last September at the first ever Memphis Power Wrestling show at Resorts Casino. We had a blast. I will never forget his happiness as he toured Jerry Lawler's Museum and got to meet some of his wrestling heroes.
No matter what was going on in Brian's life he was always smiling and laughing. He was so optimistic and always expected the best in everything. A lot can be learned by this valuble character trait of Brian's because we should never take anything for granted and make the best out of life everyday because we are not guaranteed tomorrow.
Brian you were truly one of a kind and a true blessing that brought joy to everyone's life. I am so deeply saddened at your passing. My sincere condolences go out to all of Brian Reese's family and friends. The Annual WNC Christmas Party will not be the same without you. Until we meet again dear friend I find comfort in the fact that Heaven has added an angel that's "Positively PIMP-Tacular" "Superfly B-Smoove"!!! -- D-Rock


Brian Reese, a man who not only enjoyed the sport of Professional Wrestling, but gave a lot of his personal time and effort to promote and push for the women's wrestling scene. Brian was a new friend to me compared to most of us associated with the Wrestling News Center.
I met Brian Personally for the first time at an event in Ramer, TN. What was the first thing I noticed about him, besides his flamboyant dress, was his large engaging smile. He was very approachable and was a gentleman to work with. I can say I am better for knowing Brian in the short time I knew him. I would like to express my heart felt regret to Brian's family. May time ease the pain and loss of your family member.--
Derrick O'Dell


 Brian Reese's passing has delt a huge blew to us here at Wrestling News Center and the wrestling community. Brian and I first met in person just last year, though we talked numerous times before. Brians personality was contagious, and was such a humble man. It is with a heavy heart that I say not goodbye to Brian, but see you later. I hope that all of you reading this will join me and my fellow writers in honoring his life. A life of wrestling, and a life of blessings that he gave us while on this earth. I pray that God will bring comfort to his family and friends during this hardship.-- Terrence Ward

To his oldest friends in the business, he was known as Spidey (due to his immense fandom of Spiderman, I'm told). To the many fans that he helped get pumped up and ready for the show, he was known as the Positively Pimptacular B-Smoove. To me, he was my friend Brian.
I prefer to think of him as "just" Brian because of how down-to-earth and welcoming he was to me. He knew how to put on a show but he never let that get in the way of him being a REAL person. As much as I love performances, I get really uncomfortable in crowds, so when I began attending Culture Shock Wrestling in Mossy Head FL where he was the ring announcer (among countless other promotions), I was eager to take a moment to step away from the mass of people and enjoy a breath of fresh air outside. There next to the truck of superfan Gargoyle (another guy who welcomed me into the indy wrestling fan scene with open arms) stood, dressed to the nines and pimped out like he always was for business, B-Smoove Brian Reese. And despite being dressed for business, he was just as easy-going, friendly, and casual as one can get, making me feel at ease despite being a stranger who wanted to see the show but gets freaked out in a crowd. He didn't make me feel like a stranger or a weirdo, he made me feel welcome. That's how belonging to something begins to happen. Someone extends that kind hand of friendship and reassurance and makes you feel are not a stranger or a weirdo here, you belong. This is my first memory of Brian, and it still stands out.
Brian was taken from us much too soon, but you know what? Brian wasn't really robbed of life because he LIVED! While other people sit in their small living rooms in their small towns with their small aspirations wondering "what if", Brian hit the pavement with tires squealing, made connections and got face to face with his dreams. Like the greats such as Jim Cornette and Paul Heyman before him, Brian found his way in the door of wrestling through his photography, and he became so good at it that they not only had to let him in, they grew to love him because he did a great job and was easy to get along with. And just go to his Facebook page and look at his photographs! You'll be looking for HOURS! He rubbed shoulders with EVERYBODY who was anybody in this business that he was a who's who and a hall of fame in his living scrapbook....because Brian Reese LIVED! His passing is merely a footnote, because he LIVED...and those pictures and those memories will stand as a monument to document his life, his passion, his craft, his ability to set people at ease and make them feel welcome.
Unlike Brian Reese, I never had a master plan to "break into the business"; it was more a matter of me stumbling into good luck like a blind idiot than fulfilling some destiny I'd worked for. But when Brian got a better opportunity for himself that conflicted with his Culture Shock Wrestling announcing dates, he didn't just give his notice and walk out the door....he was gracious enough to pull me aside and tell me he was leaving and that if I wanted it, I could be, as he put it, "the new voice of CSW." Again, he went out of his way to make me feel welcome, even as he was getting ready to hit the road and do some more living and experience some more dreams. But as I said to him at that moment and as it will be true forevermore, I told him, "Brian, YOU will ALWAYS be the voice of CSW." And of that there can be no doubt, now more than ever. His voice resonates even after he is no longer here.
When I attended the Gulf Coast Wrestlers Reunion earlier this month, there were quite a few faces missing, but one that really stuck out like a sore thumb for me was the absence of Brian Reese taking those wonderful pictures of his. I knew he'd been having some health issues, but little did I know how much it was an omen of sorts. Just like his buddy Percy Pringle the year before, we would have to find out shortly after the GCWR the terrible heart-wrenching news that we had lost someone dear to our hearts and important to our business.
The wrestling community is something else. There's no other group of people like it. The outpouring of love and heartfelt memories and condolences with the news of Brian's passing came quick and thunderous, like a levee giving way to a flood, like an open gate giving way to a stampede of emotion, like the booming voice of the Positively Pimptacular B-Smoove asking the crowd "Are you readyyyyyyy?!?!?"
Brian Reese did not just die. Brian Reese LIVED! We should all be so lucky to touch our dreams and travel to the farthest horizons of our passions and live as much life as Brian did in his short time. As if that wasn't enough, he was good people, too. We will miss you dearly my friend, RIP.and may you find peace and warmth on this next road trip you embark on, taking the love we have in our hearts for you with you. And as always, B-SMOOOOOOOVE! -- Mike Roycroft


•THE MEASURE OF A MAN: Not - "how did Brian die" But - "how did he live" Not - "what did Brian gain" But - "what did he give" These are the units to measure the worth Of a man, as a man, Regardless of all else. We know the day will come but death always leaves us in disbelief with shock and grief. I was shocked to hear the news of Brian's passing. As long as I knew him he was always doing for us all in wrestling, often without us even asking for help. He was one of the biggest supporter's of women's wrestling and he was never one to put the focus on any of his needs. He was always ready and handy to help and support and this was one of the great qualities that made him endeared to many of us who were fortunate enough to know him. He always had encouraging words. I send my deepest condolences to his loved ones and all who will miss him. May you be riding high on the wings of heavens blessings as you look upon us, Brian. You will be greatly missed. Thank you for all you did for us. Rest in peace my friend. " -- LaGreat Cheyenne
 Brian Reese was honestly and truly a one of kind, special guy! I met Brian at MLW June 2011, he made me feel welcome and not like the "new girl" he never showed special attention to any one person, and always had his signature poses! All the girls know what I'm talking about. Lol. Brian always had a smile on his face and kind words to say. He was a great guy. Brain took pride into his work and had major respect for the business and for the workers. I recall on several occasions, Brian getting that perfect action shot, fist pump and come show the closest person next to him the picture. I was lucky enough to be that person a few times. Brian took his time to make copies of every match and give those copies to the girls, and asked nothing in return, other than to post them so everyone could see what we as workers could do, not what he could. When FTW held the benefit for Lexi, Brian stayed an extra day in Tennessee to attend, donate, and take pictures for the show, and most importantly, Lexi. Then made a very long drive home (alone) to his home in Moss Point, Ms. That will always mean the world to me. I'm blessed to have known him as my friend. Brian, you will be missed and can never be replaced. Rest In Piece My Friend, my prayers are with your Family! God Bless You! -- Lil Bit

Brian Reese what a good guy I was glad to call him my u will be missed. He always had a smile --Robert Gibson

Angie Seymore created a great tribute video for Brian.

Brian will forever be remembered for his humbleness and smile. You could never tell he was in any pain because he was always lauging and smiling. Remember to be kind to all.You never know when it'll be their last day.

Rest in Peace, Brian. 


MSgt. Ed Caffrey said...

I met Brian when I was 12 years old. I last saw him over the holidays when I was home for a visit. He will always be one of the most unique people I have ever met. Growing up in south Mississippi, weekends in front of the TV had many options for wrestling fans. Saturday started with Bob Armstrong's NWA promotion, followed by Mid-South Wrestling(later UWF). Late Saturday afternoon had Championship Wrestling on TBS(later WCW). After SNL it was WCCW out of Dallas. Then on Sunday Morning there was All-American Wrestling (WWF) on USA. And on Monday morning, I'd meet up with Brian and we'd go over everything from the weekend. Whether it was Wendell Cooley & Al Perez suddenly turning from jobbers into the Mid-South Tag Champs, Jake The Snake putting the DDT on Dark Journey, or Ricky Steamboat returning to WCW as Eddie Gilbert's tag-team partner against the Four Horsemen, Brian and I talked about it for hours. Once Brian entered a talent show at a local church. All of the contestants were girls singing Amy Grant songs. Brian showed up in a acid-wash denim trench coat, and sang a song from Michael P.S. Hays' Badstreet USA album. It was PURE BRIAN...or should I say "Rad Rat"; that was his first of many nicknames. I graduated high school, and joined the Air Force, and lost touch with a lot of my high school friends. It was 1998, I was stationed at Andrews AFB in DC, and I was watching Nitro being taped in Pensacola. The first wrestler made his way down the aisle, and the camera cut to the crowd. There was Brian, or Spidey as he was known at that time, holding a sign for the wrestler coming down. For the rest of the broadcast, he had a poster for every Face wrestler that made it down the aisle. A few times they had kids holding the signs, but I recognized Brian's artwork, and he was always standing right there. Later in the dawn of social media, I was able to re-connect with Brian on MySpace..and later FaceBook. Brian battled diabetes his entire life. When I first saw Brian's MySpace page I read where he had received the Kidney/Pancreas transplant that had given him a new lease on life. And He Lived!!! I loved seeing his road trip posts from the B-Smoove Express. Not only his postings about the hundreds of great matches he worked, but even his posts about his "scrumptious" breakfasts along the road trips. I will miss the reports from the B-Smoove Express, but most of all, I will miss my long-time friend Brian. I want to thank all of you in the wrestling world who helped Brian live his dream in the business he loved. He was one-of-a-kind, and can never be replaced.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all of you for remembering my son, Brian. He was indeed a special person. Loving, Kind and Giving to all he met. He will be so loved and missed. Thanks for being his friend. He thought the world of all of you.You were so special in his life. Brians Mom.