Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Bonecrusher and Cassanova Kidd came out and introduced a familiar face back at EPW. Soultaker was back and to everyone's surprise he seemed to be answering the burning question of if he was friend or foe. He came to the ring and listened to what Bone had to say about the money that Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock owed him. Bone let everyone know it was a significant amount and that he would pay him the money that was owed hum if he would help take Hollywood Jimmy out of EPW. as you can visual see Taker agreed to the offer made by Bone and Kidd.
The opening match of the night was for the South Regional belt held by Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor being challenged by non other than Super Brown. This one looked to be going Super Brown's way when Taylor took full advantage of the use of the ropes to get the pin.
Cassanova Kidd went against Buzz Harley in this match up. Per the norm Smooth couldn't resist getting involved in the match. With the outside help it ensured Harley to get the 1 2 3.
Bonecrusher took on Samoan Raja in this match. Bone was getting the best of Raja when Smooth and Buzz Harley interfered in the match. This brought Cassanova Kidd to the ring with Soultaker. They quickly cleared out the attackers. Bone told them he wanted a tag match later on that night. They said they would agree of they would put the titles on the line. Bone and Kidd agreed to their stipulation.
The semi main event was a tag team match up between Bonecrusher and Cassanova Kidd w/Soultaker in their corner taking on Samoan Raja and Buzz Harley with Smooth in their corner. This one was a back and forth match up when it looked as if Cassanova Kidd was about to make his move to get the victory when Taker gets in the ring and choke slams Kidd hard into the mat while Bone is out on the floor. This cost them the match and the tag belts until Promoter Edith Poole came to the ring and let referee Turtle know what had happened and he took back the belts and told them he didn't see it but he woukld be upholding the belts. Bone and Kidd were livid that Taker turned on them but it wasn't a surprise to the fans at EPW.
The main event was between the very unpredictable Soultaker and Chris Cade. Cade jumped Taker as he came back into the ring from a visit to the mic at the announcer's table. He had things well in hand for a bit but the tide soon turned as Soultaker was making quick work out of Cade with a choke slam when Bonecrusher and Cassanova Kidd stormed the ring for a little payback from earlier in the night. This brought out Smooth, Samoan Raja, and Buzz Harley top help out Taker. This one is far from over you can bet on it........

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