Tuesday, March 11, 2014


The Hollywood Clique with Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock came out at the beginning of the show and announced to everyone that Brody Hawk had been fired from EPW. He also announced that he had been contacted by the commission that a complaint had been filed by Promoter Edith Poole about the stick Blaylock was bringing to the ring. He had a so called reply from a doctor saying that Blaylock was handicapped and needed the stick for walking purpose at all times. Poole as well as the fans were skeptical if the letter was authentic especially when Axeman pointed out that the address of the doctor was very familiar. He said it was the address where tickets were ordered for Memphis wrestling. Edith informed him that we would not be having a show this Saturday night, March 15th but when we came back on the 22nd of March she would have it confirmed if it was a real or fake.
Chris Cade and Buzz Harley continued their feud from the past weeks with a fierce match up. Smooth tried to help out Harley with a little outside interference but it was of no help as Cade got the win by a pin fall.
The semi main event was Bone Crusher taking on Neil 'The Real Deal" Taylor in a rematch for the tag belts. Bone's tag partner Cassanova Kid was injured the night before and was unable to compete and it was announced earlier in the night that Brody Hawk had been fired from EPW. Raja came in an interferred in the match and they left Bone Crusher lying in the middle of the ring. Cassanova Kid came to his tag partners rescue with an equalizer. it didn't take long for him to clear the ring. Bone won the match by a DQ retaining the tag belts.
The main event was between Superstar Bill Dundee & Samoan Raja w/Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock and Smooth taking on 24/7 Kross and JR Mauler. This match up was a wild one from the beginning until the end. As one can expect there was plenty of outside interference from Blaylock and Smooth. In the end it was 24/7 getting the win.

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