Monday, March 31, 2014


THE OFFICIAL TRIBUTE SHOW HOSTED: SIR MO- OSCAR- MABEL'S M.O.M. (wife CASSANDRA- along with Max the Dog) This will be the Official Memorial DVD recording and launching of a world-wide fundraising campaign to help benefit Mabel's widow). THERE WILL BE A DISPLAY OF THE 3 FACES OF VISCERA (ring- attire actually worn during all 3 gimmicks of his WWF/WWE tenure, unreleased footage of overseas matches will be played thru out the nite along with a display of 100s to 1000s of never seen before photos from his personal collection. VIP-Ticket -$25( includes admission,meet and greet ,tshirt, and a custom BIG DADDY -V wristband) General Adm.-$8 Note: THIS EVENT WAS/IS AUTHORIZED BY CASSANDRA FRAZIER/ NELSON'S WIDOW ,NOT ANY CERTAIN COMPANY INDIVIDUAL, ORGANIZATION, GROUP(S) ETC. Tune in to WTRB 1570 for a chance to win tickets and or more info. Also like us on Facebook- RCW WRESTLING/ RIPLEY, TN. Don't meet us there; Beat us there !!!!!!!!!

More of my favorite Brian Reese Photos

I believe these were taken at Shine Wrestling back in December. He took over 800 there, but these are my favorites from that event.

The Empire become NWA Tag Champs!

In a surprise turn of events, Greg Anthony and Matt Riviera, The Empire won the NWA Lone Star Tag Team titles Saturday night in Houston, TX. NWA Houston is one of top promotions in the country and hosts many of featured talent for the National Wrestling Alliance. Matt Riviera was scheduled for months to be at this event but the shocking appearance of "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony lead to serious of events that placed The Empire in the tag team title match. NWA President, Bruce Tharpe was in attendance this night and we will work hard to get quote from Mr. Tharpe on his thoughts The Empire's actions.

The Empire will be in New Orleans, Friday night, for the Mid South Legends Fan Fest and
their six man tag team match.

Then on Friday, April 18 in Tiptonville, TN The Empire will challenge The Rock N Roll Express for the PWE (Pro Wrestling Elite) Tag Team Titles.

NWA Smoky Mountain Results from 3/29/14 in Kingsport, TN

Battle for the Belts Results
March 29, 2014
Kingsport, TN @ the Civic Auditorium
1. Shane Andrews defeated the debuting Anthony Henry
2. Daniel Mulligan defeated Elliott Russell
3. NWA Smoky Mountain TV Champion, Jeff Connelly defeated Wade Adams
4. NWA Smoky Mountain Tag Team Champions, Air America (Gavin Daring & Skylar Kruze) defeated The Heatseekers (Sigmon & Shawn Shultz)
--- Shultz pinned Daring for the count of 3 and seemingly the Heatseekers won the match. However, after the pinfall, rookie referee, Austin West realized that Daring's foot was on the bottom rope while he was counting the cover. Austin restarted the match and Air America immediately won with a roll up.
5. Josh Crawford defeated Nick Hammonds after a distraction by Matt Conard
--- After the match, Nick Hammonds challenged Wayne Inc. to a War Games Cage Match on April 19 in Kingsport, TN!
6. NWA Smoky Mountain Heavyweight Champion, Jason Kincaid and Vince Brent wrestled to a No-Contest when The Illuminati pulled the referee out of the ring while Kincaid had Brent covered. After the match, the trio of Tony Givens, Chris Richards and Chase Owens  attacked both Vince and Jason  and left them laying in the ring.
7. The Returning Zac Vincent defeated Matt Conard
8. NWA World Tag Team Champions, The IronGodz (Jax Dane & Rob Conway) defeated The Lords of Kaos (Damien Wayne & Lance Erikson) and The Illuminati's Chris Richards and Chase Owens in a 3 Way Tag Team Match!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Update on Bobby Eaton

Bobby Eaton finished his part of filming for his documentary, The Beautiful One: Bobby Eaton today and posed for this updated photo. The documentary highlights his personal life and wrestling career. The documentary stars Bobby himself with Jeff Jarrett, Randy Hales, Kevin Lawler, Wrestling Historian Mark James, & many more.

UCW Union City, TN Mar 29th results and pictures New US Champion Crowned.

Tonight March 29th 2014 UCW held a tournament to crown a new UCW US Champion. The six men selected to face each other have been rising in the ranks of UCW for sometime and were ready to prove why they were given the chance to hold this prestigious title.

Match 1- TJ O'Riely W/ Jay Moore Vs Houston. TJ has hit a mean streak and is taking advantage of Jay Moore being in corner. Houston was off his game and was plagued by an injury to his left leg throughout the match. Houston did not use this injury as an excuse to give in, but it was enough of an advantage for TJ and Jay Moore to focus on. TJ took the win after two precise “Crossroads” on Houston. TJ advances to the next stage of the tournament.

Match 2- Big Red Vs Dell “KOD” Tucker. Tucker was outsized, but he has faced this before. Red was initially cordial, but this did not last as long as Tucker would have hoped. Big Red Threw Tucker around like a rag doll, but Tucker was able to mount a comeback with an attempt at the “FTD”. This was interrupted by the interference of the Sons of the South when they attacked Big Red, causing Tucker to be disqualified. Big Red advances.

Match 3- Oz Vs Chris Hayes. Oz threw Chris off his game early with an exhibition of his “feminine” ways. Chris was unsure how to proceed and Oz was noticeably the same way. Oz, who can be vicious when he wants to be, toned down his style and wrestled a fair match. The two fought a good match. Ms Rachel came to ringside and sprayed Oz in the face with hair spray while Chris was distracted. Not knowing what Ms Rachel had done Chris hit a quick “Trouble in Paradise” to Oz's jaw. Chris Hayes took the win and advanced in the Tournament.

Match 4- Three way dance for the US Title. Big Red Vs TJ O'Riley Vs Chris Hayes. The fight started quickly between the three with no one with a clear advantage. Chris Hayes used his high flying maneuvers to his advantage, but could not catch a break with a pin. Big Red and TJ brawled and neither was able to gain a pin on the other. Jay Moore lurked at ringside just waiting to strike, and strike he did, Jay Moore picked up the US belt and snuck into the ring, after referee Eric Teas was taken out by a hard hit in the corner. Jay hit Big Red in the face and TJ was able to get the pin. TJ O'Riley is the New US Champion...

Main Event- The Sons of the South, “Southern Perfection” Gaylon Ray and Erik Hayes Vs “NRG”- Anton Leveigh, Dell Tucker, DJ Stunner and Houston. This match was wild from start to finish. The Team of SOS, Ray and Hayes quickly took advantage of distracting referee Charlie Brown and put a beating on Dell Tucker for most of the match. Dell was able to make a tag to his teammates and the match deteriorated even further. In all the action Anton Leveigh hit Erik Hayes with an RKO for the win. The pent up frustration Anton has for Gaylon took the match to an uneasy conclusion. Anton hit Gaylon with two border destroyers and was threatened with suspension by Mr Biro if he put another hand on Gaylon. Anton is not one that likes to be told what to do. Anton Picked up a Kendo stick that had been brought to the ring by Erik Hayes. Anton defied Mr. Biro and hit Gaylon in the “Groin” area. Anton was levied a week suspension. Mr Biro extended the suspension to all of the NRG members as well...

Derrick O'Dell
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