Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Bull Bronson defeated The Hooligans (Caine & Wayne) in a handicap match
Jordynne Grace defeated Keri Gold via pinfall
AJ Williams & Bolt Brady defeated Antonio Anderson & Jay Jefferies via pinfall
Gunner Laine defeated “The INKcredible” Tatt2 via pinfall
“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony defeated Brandon Espinosa via pinfall to retain PWE Unified Championship

Greg Anthony had a scheduled interview with announcer JD Rage. Greg Anthony talked about how he is on TCW in over 50 million homes, how he is the one with full page articles in PWI magazine and that now he is the Unified Heavyweight Champion. Brandon Espinosa came out and said that he had known Greg for 7 years or so now and it seemed that Greg talked a lot. Espinosa said that he was apart of OVW wrestling and has been featured in the PWI 500 but that he was over 100 spots ahead of tgb. They then made a match for Greg Anthony vs Brandon Espinosa and if Brandon won he would be the new Unified Champion but if Greg won then he would get Espy’s spot in the PWI 500!

The Hooligans (Addison Caine and Terry Wayne) came out and said they have been waiting for an opportunity to get their foot in the door at PWE. That they heard this is where all the Elite stars come and they are both as Elite as it comes. They want the best PWE has to come down that aisle. Bull Bronson comes down and a handicap match is underway. This match was mostly Bull but when Addison hit a beautiful Pele kick he thought he had the match in the bad and began to celebrate but it didn’t even phase the big man. A clothesline to Caine and The China Shop powerslam to Terry Wayne and this match was over.

In the main event, Brandon Espinosa showed why he is so highly ranked in the PWI 500. He was out wrestling the self proclaimed best of the best at every turn up until a cheap shot from Greg Anthony gave him the advantage he was looking for. TGB then went to work on Espy but much to Brandon’s credit, he never gave up. He kept fighting and fighting until Greg made one final mistake. Espinosa put together a string of offense that had the champion reeling but the referee was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was knocked out.  Greg Anthony then kicked Espy below the belt and then went to get the championship from the announcer’s desk. Espinosa was able to counter with a huge flying sit down elbow that knocked the title into Greg’s face but there was no ref to make the count. Brandon went to the top to hit the frog splash but Greg pulled the title on top him and that was all it took for Greg to retain his championship.

After the match, Greg was celebrating when his music shut off. TGB was angry telling them to play his music when all of sudden you heard the familiar loud stomp.. Bull Bronson and Rollen Green came out and said they had spoken to Jon Michael and that next week TGB would have to defend his title against “Big” Bull Bronson!

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