Saturday, January 4, 2014

Breaking News... Bill Dundee Assualts UCW Owner Becky Biro

On Saturday Night Jan 4th, 2014 Bill "Superstar" Dundee was brought in to UCW to help Sarge O'Riley get some pay back for what the UCW Commissioner, Jay Moore and UCW Owner, Mr. Biro, have been doing over the last few weeks. Sarge, who was injured at the hands of Houston Watson at the Newbern Super Show New Years Eve was unable to compete tonight. Sarge instead asked his son TJ to take his place and help Bill Dundee against the opponents of Houston Watson and "The King of Darkness" Dell Tucker. The match seemed to be going in Bill Dundee's and TJ's way, but Dell Tucker was able to get the upper hand over Bill Dundee and went for a pin. TJ, with a plan to help Bill out, tried to push the ropes in for Bill to place his foot on them to stop the count. This instead pushed Bill's foot off the ropes causing him to be pinned.

Bill Dundee went ballistic on TJ and began to attack him with the help of Houston. After a devastating spike pile driver to TJ, on the ramp, Houston and Dell made their way to the Hall of Fame wall where Bill Dundee's and Sarge Oriley's pictures hung together, as a honor of their contributions to UCW. In what can only be described as total lack of respect, Houston took down Sarge's picture, while Dell Tucker Grabbed Becky Biro by the hair and forced her to the ring. Bill Dundee was beside himself, saying he was the only rightful person to be on the Hall of Fame wall.  Bill Dundee grabbed up the picture, which Houston had dropped on the ring mat. With a look of rage in his eyes, Bill Dundee approached Becky Biro with the Picture held high above his head. Becky did not see what was about to happen. I could see what was about to happen, but I have been sworn to only document what happens, and not to interfere. As Becky looked up, Bill Dundee blasted her in the head with the picture of Sarge. The strike crackled throughout the arena. The fans stood with  deafly silence.  I could only stand and watch as Becky fell to the mat among what was left of the picture, and lye prone not moving. Security rushed the ring to assist Becky. The whole while Bill Dundee and Jay Moore berated Becky. In what I can only describe as the ultimate betrayal, Becky's husband, Mr. Biro gloated about what had just happened, telling Becky she should have stayed in the kitchen, where she belonged. This is no way a caring person would treat anyone, much less their own wife. What is Mr. Biro thinking?? Becky was escorted from the ring, still reeling from the blow to the head.

What would cause "Superstar" Bill Dundee and Mr. Biro to attack Becky this way? Was it jealousy?Was it Payment from Jay Moore? Was it just pure hated? I can not answer any of these questions as I am still stunned from the events that took place. All I know is that there is a lot of explaining to be done...

Sarge O'Riley, who had come to the ring to check on Becky, made a promise to Bill Dundee, Jay Moore, and Mr. Biro. Sarge promised to have a person, he knew he could trust, come to UCW that has battled with Bill Dundee over many years and across the Country. Sarge said he would have none other than Jerry "The King" Lawler ready to take Bill Dundee, Jay Moore and Mr Biro down a notch on Feb 1st at UCW "Honorary II" Bill Dundee became even more enraged as he and Jerry Lawler have a long standing hatred for each other. This war has just begun.

Derrick O'Dell
Wrestling News Center.

Pictures of the devastation perpetrated by the hands of "Superstar" Bill Dundee.

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