Friday, January 31, 2014

UCW Union City, TN It all happens tomorrow Feb 1st 7pm

Honorary II "Payback" will be a happening!!! Company, Titles, Pride will all be on the line. UCW has never been so hot! 

Wrestling News Center announces Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

In December, 2013, the writers and staff of Wrestling News Center got together in Tupelo, MS, for their annual Christmas party. During that time, as has been our custom, we voted on who the 2013 Wrestling News Center Lifetime Achievement Award winner should be. It took only one ballot. We had a clear winner. No need for discussion. The winner: Jerry "The King" Lawler.

When you hear the words "Memphis Wrestling," many things, many names, many memories come to mind. The Mid-South Coliseum, Tojo Yamamoto, Jos LeDec, Bill Dundee, Jimmy Valiant, Lance Russell, and the list goes on and on. There is one name, however, that stands out more than all the rest, and that name is Jerry Lawler. Why? Because he is truly "The King."

Jerry Lawler began his wrestling career in 1970, in Jonesboro, AR, where he wrestled Tojo Yamamoto. Lawler had this to say about his first match (from an interview I did with Jerry in Jonesboro at the debut show of RWA in 2008):

"We're back here in Jonesboro tonight, and when I first started, my first match, Jackie Fargo brought me over here, and I was
sitting in the car with Jackie, and I was just a nervous wreck, I'll never forget we stopped, and I went in and got a bag of potato chips and Jackie said, "Put that over there, kid," and I said "what" and looked over and when I did he reached over and grabbed my bag of chips and just crushed them all into crumbs, and just every kind of rib you could think of on the way over. So then when we got here, I was wrestling Tojo Yamamoto. And I found out later, after he blistered my chest so bad, just beat me like a dog, afterwards Jackie told me, that all the young guys that are just trying to get started, they put them against Tojo. He beat me up so bad. Tojo don't like anybody, you know, Tojo don't like anybody, he had no family, he's got no relatives, he just hates the world, he lives out of his car, literally, and he has no friends, he don't like anybody. So they put guys against Tojo, because he beat them up so bad, that if they come back and say they want another match after that, they think, well, maybe they have some potential. But usually Tojo would beat these guys up so bad that they would not even ask for another match. So he certainly did that to me that night. I finally made it through it, and in the middle of the week Jackie called me and asked me if I wanted another match, and I said yes I do. He said OK, good, this Saturday you and I will go back over to Jonesboro and you have Tojo again. Oh, God, I dreaded it, and sure enough, five straight weeks against Tojo right here in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Finally after that I guess then they figured well, maybe the kid, he's not gonna just have a match or two and quit or whatever."

And Jerry's career took off from there, and it certainly speaks for itself. I started counting the number of championships Jerry Lawler has held during his career, and I finally stopped counting at 160, and there were many more than that! Those Championships include:

AWA World Heavyweight Champion (1 time)
AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion (35 times if I counted right)
AWA Southern Tag Team Championship (10 times)
AWA World Tag Team Championship (2 times with Bill "Superstar" Dundee)
CWA Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
CWA International Championship (3 times)
CWA World Tag Team Championship (2 times)
NWA Mid_America Championship (numerous times)
NWA Southern Heavyweight Championship (numerous times)
And numerous other titles in organizations all across the country, including Georgia Championship Wrestling, IWA, Maryland Championship Wrestling, NWA Mid-America, NWA Virginia, Gulf Coast Championship Wrestling, and, of course, Memphis Championship Wrestling and Memphis Wrestling, and that's not all, the list goes on!

Jerry began a long association with WWF/WWE back in 1992, and is still doing commentary every week on RAW.

From 1993 - 1995 he was involved in a classic, unforgettable feud in the WWF with Bret Hart and the Hart Family, during which he won the title of  "Undisputed King of the World Wrestling Federation," and to this day Jerry Lawler is still The King.

Jerry "The King" Lawler will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award this Saturday night, February 1, 2014, at the UCW "Honarary II Payback" event in Union City, Tennessee. If you are within driving distance of Union City that night, don't miss it!

Check out Jerry's website, to read more about Jerry's fascinating career.

All of us at Wrestling News Center congratulate Jerry Lawler, winner of the WNC Lifetime Achievement Award. LONG LIVE THE KING!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wild Fire Wrestling Results 1-30-2014

Photo Credit: Kevin Conlee

Wild Fire Wrestling Presents
The Southern Heavyweight Classic

Special appearances by Dave Brown, Koko b. Ware, & Bill Dundee. 

1st Match
Alan Steel vs Stan Lee
Winner: Stan Lee

2nd Match
Precious vs Jon Michael
Winner: Jon Michael

3rd Match
Derrick King vs Tatt2
Winner: Derrick King

4th Match
Bishop Kage vs Action Jackson
Winner: Bishop Kage

5th Match
Brian Christopher vs Jerry Lawler 
Winner: Jerry Lawler
After reverse decision by referee.

 6th Match
Dustin Starr vs Eric Wayne
Winner: Dustin Starr

7th Match
 Bishop Kage vs Jon Michael
Note: Double Countout. Neither participant advanced resulting in their elimination. 

8th Match 
Derrick King vs Jerry Lawler
Winner: Jerry Lawler

9th Match
Dustin Star vs Stan Lee
Winner: Dustin Starr

10th Match
Dustin Starr vs Jerry Lawler
Winner: Jerry Lawler

Ring Announcer: Terrence Ward

Wrestling News Center Awards to be Given at UCW Honorary II Sat Night Feb 1st 7pm

  1. The Wrestling News Center will be at the UCW "Battle Zone" Sat Feb 1st at 7pm for Honorary II. They have lots of awards to distribute, it will be a great Event, please make plans to attend!!

LAW Newbern TN, Sat Night Feb 1st New prices

NWA Smoky Mountain this Saturday in Kingsport, TN

NWA Smoky Mountain Wrestling returns to the Kingsport Civic Auditorium this Saturday (February 1) at 8:00 PM for “Encore 2014”!

The last time we were in Kingsport a record breaking crowd witnessed Ricky Morton become the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion by defeating Chase Owens. On February 1, Owens will battle Jason Kincaid in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match with a future shot at the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title on the line!

Also Ring of Honor star, Cedric Alexander makes his return as he takes on “The Reaper” Matt Conard. Cedric has had two impressive outings in NWA Smoky Mountain but he has yet to pick up a win at the Kingsport Civic Auditorium. He wants to change his fortunes on Saturday, February 1, but the “The Reaper” stands in his way.

Here is the card thus far:

***Main Event***
Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match

“The Real Deal” Chase Owens
Jason “The Gift” Kincaid

Smoky Mountain Street Fight for the NWA Smoky Mountain Tag Team Titles
The Illuminati (Tony Givens & Chris Richards)
w/ Rob Knight
Air America (Skylar Kruze & Gavin Daring)

Singles Action

ROH Star, Cedric Alexander
“The Reaper” Matt Conard
w/ Dylan Sizemore

Special Challenge

The Debuting Sugar Dunkerton
Stars of Wrestling’s O-Dog

Tag Team Grudge Match
Jeff Connelly & Shane Andrews
Shawn Shultz & Sigmon

Kingsport's Own, "The Prodigy" Vince Brent
"The Boy Wonder" Elliott Russell

The debuting Tate Twins (Brandon & Brent Tate)
Wayne Inc.'s Josh Crawford & Nick Hammonds
w/ Dylan Wayne Sizemore

Battle of the Big Men
Daniel Mulligan
Lance Erikson

Stars of Wrestling Showcase Match
w/ Brian Michaels
Michael Starr

The Nitros Noise
Nick Nitros interviews the returning "Supernatural" Zac Vincent

Plus Much More to Be Announced!

Venue Information
Civic Auditorium
1550 Fort Henry Dr.
Kingsport, TN 37664

Ticket Prices
Front Row - $15
General Admission - $10

For more information visit us at!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

More names added to the big LXW show on April 19th in Sylacauga, Alabama

TMZ reports Matt Hardy Arrested for Domestic Assault

Former WWE star Matt Hardy was arrested for domestic assault after an alleged altercation with his girlfriend. The link below will take you to TMZ's page for story details.

SPW Selmer, TN Card for Sat Feb 1st

Southern Premier Wrestling presents SPW 41: National Pro Wrestling Day! Live! From the Selmer National Guard Armory in Selmer, Tennessee on Saturday, February 1, 2014! Tickets are ONLY $5 with Kids 6 and Under FREE! Doors open at 6:30 PM, and Bell Time at 8:00 PM!


SPW Premier Pass 4-Way Elimination Match
Shawn Reed versus Cory Daniels versus "Magnificent" Reno Diamond versus SPW West Tennessee Champion, "Lethal" Steven Davis

Can Palmer Finally Defeat Shane?!?!
SPW Heavyweight Champion "Psycho Butcher" Andrew Palmer defends against Christian Shane

"Dangerous" Dan Matthews versus "Big" Mic Vicious

"Drop Dead" Dale Wylde
"K-Swiss" Kirk Stanley
"Matty Ice" Matt Taylor
Austin Carrier
Fleur de Lethal

*Card Subject to Change*

Breaking News Jimmy Blaylock set to open Franchise in Union City, TN Feb 1st

Jimmy Blaylock has been talking about this for years and is ready to open a Franchise. His Business of Slapping Skanks has exploded and he is ready to expand... Watch out Union City, Jimmy Blaylock is coming for you. Jimmy's motto is "there will be no Skank left unslapped."




Word has come out that CM Punk has left WWE, according to several sources.
CM Punk reportedly told Vince McMahon personally at Monday’s Raw that he was going home, and then got on a plane for Chicago. has since removed Punk from all upcoming live events and house shows over the next few weeks including Monday Night Raw.
He did not appear at Monday night’s Raw, and also didn’t appear at Tuesday’s SmackDown taping in Toledo, Ohio, despite being advertised for the event.
Punk, who worked roughly 50 minutes in the Royal Rumble match was described as “pissy” after the pay-per-view, although that reportedly wouldn’t be an unusual description of Punk’s demeanor backstage.
As reported, Punk was scheduled to face Triple H at WrestleMania 30, but as seen on Monday’s Raw, early signs may have been shown that Triple H will be facing Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania instead. No word if the match change is what caused Punk to leave, or if the match was changed because Punk left. According to sources, Bryan vs. Triple H is indeed the new current plan for WrestleMania.
The belief is that Punk leaving is not due to an injury issue. In the past, Punk had been very vocal about “part-time” wrestlers returning to WWE and getting pushed ahead of guys who are there on a nightly basis, and that may be a reason for him being upset. According to reports, Punk’s final goal in WWE was to main event WrestleMania, and with his current contract expiring in July, and it becoming more and more apparent that he would not be main eventing WrestleMania this year, his failure to achieve that goal may be a driving force for his departure.
Punk stated in an interview last week that he doesn’t know if he will re-sign after his contract expires, and that “everything is up in the air.”
All signs indicate that this is not a work. will provide more information as we confirm additional details.
(Partial source: Wrestling Observer,, PWInsider)

Sting Headed to the WWE? Three Sizzling Angles for the Incoming Legend

Check this article out:

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


This Saturday will be an great night of action and anticipation at the EPW arena in Booneville. What will happen with the Hollywood Clique and all the enemies they are quickly adding up. So many amazing things going on that words cannot do them justice. Only one way to get the full picture.... BE THERE....SAME NIGHT... SAME PLACE.. SAME TIME... REMEMBER YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL SHOW UP (WHICH WAS EVIDENT THIS LAST WEEK) OR YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN !!!!!!


The opening of the show brought out Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock and his newest Clique member Superstar Bill Dundee. Blaylock told Dundee he had always been a fan and he was going to wear a hat just like he wore when Blaylock was a kid in his honor. He also told him that he had a special gift for him and that Elvis stole the idea from Dundee. He gave him a felt box and inside was a pair of gold shades like the King of Rock & Roll wore. Dundee happily put them on and did the Fargo strut in the middle of the ring. What will Hollywood Jimmy manage to pull off next?
The first match of the night was Samoan Raja w/Smooth taking on former EPW Heavyweight Champ Chris Cade. This one was going Raja's way when a surprise visitor appeared. It was 1/2 of 24/7 JR Mauler and he quickly distracted Raja helping Cade to get the pin. Needless to say Raja nor Smooth were happy about the loss.
The Redneck Revolution Chazz Stone and Nathan Aulridge w/Smooth took on the newly crowned South Regional Champ Cassanova Kid and Buzz Harley who just debuted back in the ring a few weeks ago after suffering a hip injury. Aulridge taunted Harley about being an old man which quickly inflamed Harley and he answered his taunting with a series of chops to the chest. This one was a battle to the end with Kid and Harley getting the win.
Smooth and Samoan Raja are now members of the Hollywood Clique as well. The Clique is growing in numbers. can they be stopped?
The semi main event was a much anticipated match up. We saw a new member join the Hollywood Clique the week before in none other than Superstar Bill Dundee. Who ever saw that one coming? Dundee and Bonecrusher have had issues over their entrance music for weeks now each citing that "Bad to the Bone" belonged to them. This one started out with both men violently throwing blow after blow when it loked as if Bonecrusher was getting the best of Dundee his manager Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock inserted himself into the match and threw some sort of powder in Bone's eyes. They both then mounted an attack on Bone bringing Cassanova Kid to the rescue. Brody Hawk came to the ring followed by the other members of the clique attacking Kid as well. Out of no where with equalizers in hand 24/7 Kross and JR Mauler hit the ring and the Clique quickly retreated. Kross had no problem telling them where they now stand and he also told Bone that they were even now and he agreed with what Bonecrusher had said to him the week he was jumped. Something has to be done was the general consensus from both tag teams. Is this a merger between 24/7 and The Pink and Black Attack to rid EPW of the Hollywood Clique?
The main event was between the EPW Tag Team Champs Hollywood clique members Brody Hawk and Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor w/ Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock taking on DOA Dirty Sanchez and Bane in a title match for the belts. This one was pretty much all Hawk and Taylor with them getting the 1 2 3 and retaining their belts. They enjoyed heckling the fans before...during... and after the match in true from of the Hollywood Clique.
WOW.....Where do i begin with this one???? For those of you who might not know or remember a few weeks ago Brody Hawk and Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock came to the ring to address an already present Mitch Toretta who of course had his partner Zeppelin with him. Hawk and Blaylock proceeded to get in the ring and confront Toretta concerning his comments. Toretta turned picked up Zeppelin's bag and was hit from behind with a chair from Hawk who continued his assault. Toretta was visually upset upon checking on his pet and left ringside with the bag in his hands. We still have not been given an update on her at this time. After the main event this past Saturday the tag champions had just won their match and were taunting the fans per Hollywood Clique fashion when out of no where Mitch Toretta bounds through the gated railing and attacked Hawk at the announcer's table. This attack got brutal very quickly from both of these guys. Hawk's partner Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor got involved and before long both dressing rooms had emptied to pull them apart. Security managed to get Toretta out of the building who still vowed his revenge against Hawk. Hawk was seething as well and informed him anytime.... anywhere. Which brings me to EPW and Promoter Edith Poole ...... How will this be handled? Toretta shows up not on the card and manages to get in the railing and attack Hawk. This is most definitely personal between these two. The burning question is..... Instead of brutally attacking each other from behind will it be settled in the ring or can it be settled ?????? What will be the outcome of Hawk and Toretta in this all out revenge war?