Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Update Status on the condition of The Posse's, Simon Reed's eye injury

Report from the L.A.W. Wrestling

12/30/13 L.A.W.'s Simon Reed of the Posse still suffers from injury to the eye! 3 weekends ago Simon Reed suffered a brutal injury at the hands of Eric Wayne & Jason Rose. Simon overcame the injury of a hyphema (known as squashed eyeball) which was critical for 4 days and limited his eye sight due to patching of the eye. His abilities have been limited since then due to a minor and a major injury to the eye in response to the initial hyphema. He has a minor injury of a corneal abrasion and a major injury due to a laceration above the eye causing major Problems to the retina of the eye itself which is being closely overseen. As of now we dont know when Simon will be fully cleared of this but we want to wish Him back to good health! Simon's progress will be brought to you as this story develops! Thank You!

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