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UCW Union City, Tn Results from Dec 14th

As I announced in a previous Blog, UCW owner, David Biro, made Jay Moore the new UCW Commissioner. This was not the only treachery that occurred on this night filled with surprises, but I will get into that in due time. Lets get on with the results.

Match 1- US Title Match Champion “Southern Perfection” Gaylon Ray Vs Zach O'Brien. These two have been in a contested battle since two weeks ago when Zach faced Gaylon and came as close as anyone could at taking the Championship Belt from Gaylon. This week Zach was ready for battle and took Gaylon to his limits. Gaylon pulled out all stops and attempted to use tactics that were less than ethical to gain the advantage. Zach was able to roll up Gaylon schoolboy style and got the win. This was however short lived as the new Commissioner, Jay Moore, ordered the match to be restarted and the distracted Zach was rolled up and his trunks were pulled, gaining the pin for Gaylon Over Zach. Gaylon Ray retains the US Title.


Match 2- UCW Heavyweight Championship on the line. Champion Houston Vs “Sexy” Sarge as ordered By Jay Moore. This was set to be a No DQ match and Jay Moore ordered the two to beat each other without mercy. The two at first decided to play by all rules and even gave each other opportunity to take an easy advantage. This did not last as Jay Moore interjected himself into the match and gave Sarge a chain and demanded he beat Houston with it. Sarge defiantly threw the chain back to Jay and pulled out his own, that he usually carries. Houston during this time had obtained a chair from ringside and readied to defend himself. Sarge then attempted to Blast Jay Moore with his fist, wrapped in the chain. Jay Ducked and Houston drew back as if to try to hit Jay. Sarge turned around and was leveled by Houston with a devastating blow to the face with the steel chair. With that blow Houston Pinned Sarge and retained the Title. If this did not show Houston for being a traitor the following would. Houston began to berate Sarge as he lye motionless on the mat. Jay Moore the Whole time celebrating the win. Houston Picked up the title and as Sarge began to steady himself, Houston blasted him in the head with the Title. Jay Moore then Took Houston's hand and declared him his new counterpart.

 Match 3- Dell “The King of Darkness” Vs Big Red. This match was unscheduled and was a last minute add. Big Red has been trying to gain the fans trust over the last few weeks and the Evil one himself, Dell Tucker, was out to test Red. Dell showed why he is on eof the top UCW Superstars as he laid out a well planed line of attack against red. But Red used his power to derail Dell at every turn. With a powerful Power Bomb it appeared Red had the match won, But Dell is slippery and was able to come back with a High Flying clothesline taking Red down briefly. The referee was distracted by Jessica making an advance towards him. While doing so Dell removed Jessica’s boot and bashed Red in the face with it. Dell got the win due to these tactics

Match 4- UCW Tag Team Championships on the line. Champions Sons of the South Vs The Devils Rejects. This match was highly anticipated and The Devils Rejects had vowed to strip the titles off of the SOS. The fight was on from the start of the match 666 and 911 were nothing less than a well oiled machine taking the SOS to their limits. The Sons of the South are no pushover and gave as good as they got. In this highly intense contest there was no clear cut idea of who was about to gain the win. However the battle was short lived as Dell Tucker came to the ring quickly followed by Big Red. Their interference rendered this match a no contest and the battle continued. It was not until Jay Moore interfered that the Devils Rejects and Dell Tucker stood in victory over this battle, but not the war.

Match 5- “THE” Boss and Dirty Little Gang Vs NRG. Anton Leveigh and Ricky Andrews faced Bruce MacGowan, Braykin Bones and “THE”Boss in a handicap match. It would have been thought that a team of two could not face the three without being beaten to a pulp. There is an exception to every rule, and tonight was an exception. If it were not for the vast experience of Ricky and Anton as a team their fate may have well been a defeat, but with the ingenuity of handcuffing “THE” Boss to the ring ropes helped NRG gain a win with an impressive finish by Anton over Braykin Bones. The match did not end there, Jessica, valet of the trio, had to beg for the handcuff key. This was no easy task for Jessica as she feels she is above this act. But without her compliance, “THE” Boss would still be cuffed to the ring. Fortunately for “THE” Boss, Jessica gave in and begged Anton and Ricky for the key for “THE” Boss's release.

UCW Events are every Saturday Night at 8pm 308 South First St. Union City, Tn.

Derrick O'Dell
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