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UCW Union City, TN Results for Saturday Night Dec 21st

Saturday Night Dec 21st 2013 at the UCW “Battle Zone” can only be described as a travesty of justice. The Powers that be, Mr. Biro and Jay Moore, made sure that things went the way they wanted, not the way they should. Titles that should have changed hands did not and wins became losses just as quick. This is becoming more of a regularity than it should. I can not say when, or if, this style of management will ever change. I do know that it has changed UCW, and we will have to make due until the Status Quo is altered.

Results from Saturday Night:

Match 1- Bruce “The Maniac” MacGowan Vs Chris “Bad Boy” Bradley. Chris is an accomplished competitor with a set of skills matched by few. He has been inactive lately in UCW and was ready for battle tonight. Bruce MacGowan is part of the “Dirty Lil Gang” and he lives up to that name. “Dirty” is not a look, it is a “Style”. That is how Bruce wrestles, Dirty. Tonight the two put on a hard hitting exhibition that set the stage for the rest of the evening. Chris gave as good as he got but was taken down by Bruce with a devastating Thigh to the face followed by a lethal clothesline. Bruce gains the win.

Match 2- US Title Rematch. Champion “ Southern Perfection” Gaylon Ray w/ Jay Moore Vs Zach O'Brien. This match was set last week after Zach won the match but had the decision reversed by Jay Moore, acting as the New Commissioner. Zach was ready, but Gaylon proved why he is the US Champion. Gaylon put a beating to Zach and busted Zach open with hard fists to the head. Gaylon even used a chain to gain further advantage. Zach fought through the pain and was able to hit Gaylon with his version of the “Sour Face Silencer”. As Zach went for the cover, Jay Moore threw in the chain, Gaylon had used, right beside Gaylon's foot. It made it appear as if Zach had knocked Gaylon out with the chain. This confused the referee and he was confronted by Jay Moore. Jay used his commissioner authority to intimidate the referee and the referee changed his original decision from the three count and awarded Gaylon the win. As Zach was distracted Gaylon delivered a super kick to Zach's jaw knocking him unconscious, adding insult to injury.

Match 3- “Who is the Better Man Match” Braykin Bones w/ Jay Moore Vs Anton “ Mr Everything” Leveigh. Jay Moore used his commissioner authority to change the stipulations in this match, to a no holds barred, falls count anywhere, no D.Q. Both competitors did not seem phased by this news and actually seemed to agree with them. Bones is a young Wrestler that feels he has to prove his Grit. Anton is a 9 year vet and just enjoys the challenge of beating an opponent. Tonight would be a measure of both men. They held nothing back and battled in and out of the ring. Through the crowd, on the entrance ramp and back into the ring. In displays of technical ability, to high flying maneuvers, the crowd was treated to what could have been a candidate for match of the year if the voting was still available. The shear desire to prove who was the best shined through in this match and in the final moments Anton hit Bones with “The Border Destroyer” and was about to gain the three count. Bones's partner Bruce MacGowan made the save right as the referee was about to count three. With the save, Bruce loaded his right hand with a set of metal knuckles and blasted Anton, knocking him out. Bruce then placed Bones on top of Anton for the three count. This had all been legal as there was a no DQ stipulation.

Match 4- UCW Tag Team Championship match. Champions The Sons of the South Vs The Devils Rejects and Jay Moore. This feud has been brewing since the Rejects made their way back to UCW a few weeks ago. The evil that is 187 guides his minions 666 and 911 in his ways of pain. He along with their benefactor, Jay Moore, had promised the Rejects would stop at nothing to defeat the SOS. They held true to their threats and put a beating on the SOS. But the SOS are competitors and are not held back by threats. In an impressive display of offense, using arm drags, hip tosses and even a standing Moonsault by BB. This was however short lived as Jay Moore distracted the referee long enough for 666 to wrap the large log chain, he wears around his neck, to his left fist. 666 lambasted BB in the face and was able to gain the 1...2...3... for the win. New Tag Team Champions, The Devils Rejects.

Match 5- UCW Heavyweight Championship match. Champion Houston W/ Jay Moore Vs “Sexy” Sarge O'Riley. The stipulation set for the match was for Sarge to have one hand tied behind his back while wrestling the Champion. Houston, or as he is known now H. Watson tore into Sarge immediately taking advantage of Sarge's tied hand. Even though he was not 100% Sarge was able to fight off Houston with effectiveness of throwing a stiff left hand. Houston was reeling but Jay Moore assisted and was able to get Houston the advantage. Houston loaded up his final Kick and went for Sarge's face with a vengeance. Sarge ducked the Kick, and as Houston's leg passed over Sarge's head, Sarge freed his tied hand and caught Houston and delivered The “PSB” Porn Star Bomb. Sarge held Houston as the Referee counted three. Sarge was declared the winner. Jay Moore, however, had different plans. He told the referee, since Sarge did not have his hand tied at the time of the three count, the win did not count. Since Jay Moore is the Commissioner, his decision stands. Mr. Biro made his way to the ring and distracted Sarge as he confirmed Jay's decision. Sarge turned his back on Jay Moore and paid the price. Jay picked up the Championship Belt and waylaid Sarge in the back of the head. What came next was unthinkable. Houston and Jay Moore drug Sarge's helpless body to the corner of the ring. They then grabbed Sarge's legs and pulled him into the Post not just once, but twice. Sarge was left writhing in pain. Mr. Biro, then ordered Jay Moore to give Houston a chair, to finish off Sarge. Houston was unable to comply with Mr. Biro's orders as Sarge's friends came to the ring to stop this carnage. Houston retains the Title on less than honorable terms.

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