Sunday, December 29, 2013

UCW Union City, TN. Results and pictures from Dec 28th 2013

The night started off with a bang, as Commissioner Moore and Mr. Biro came to the ring with Corporate Champion H. Watson and The Dirty Little Gang. While in the ring they were confronted by NRG, Anton Leveigh, Ricky Andrews and Jason The Brain. The DLG and NRG were scheduled to meet later, but NRG goaded Jay Moore into teaming up with DLG, and Jason the Brain was added with NRG.

Match 1- "THE" Boss Vs Zach O'Brien. This match was set last week, by Commissioner Moore as a punishment for the last two weeks of Zach narrowly winning the US Title from Gaylon Ray. To say Zach was outsized by "THE" Boss is an understatement. But Zach was not deterred and tried his hardest to stand up to the big man. Unfortunately for Zach, his body was not able to match the size of the heart it took to even set foot in the ring. With a massive Boss Bomb, Zach was defeated.

 Match 2- US Title Match. Champion "Southern Perfection" Gaylon Ray W/ Jay Moore Vs Miracle Matthews Vs Henry Leo. In a surprise twist, Jay Moore made this match saying that he believed Gaylon was up to the challenge. Jay had also given Miracle Matthews another chance in this match to wrestle for the title, this was something Jay Moore had said he would never do again. Henry Leo was the wild card in this match as he is agile and also a high flier, comparative to Miracle Matthews himself. Gaylon was not to be out done and took to the offensive quickly. Not saying that Matthews and Leo did not contribute or put up a fight, but they were definitely out done on this evening, by Gaylon Ray. With a perfectly timed Perfect Plex, Gaylon took out Leo for the win. Gaylon Ray retains his US Title once again, much to the pleasure of Jay Moore.

Match 3- UCW Heavyweight Title Match. Champion H. Watson W/ OZ Vs Chris Bradley. Chris was ready for this match and immediately let H. Watson  know he was in for a fight. The two battled back and fourth with great effort. Chris was able to put H. Watson on the mat several times for the pin, but H. Watson was able to kick out each time. OZ who was acting as H. Watson's companion for the evening, made his presence known by distracting Chris. As Chris tried to handle OZ and put him down off the mat, OZ struck Chris in the head with the purse he was carrying. This knocked Chris off of his game and as he turned around, H. Watson, Who had perched himself on the top rope, came off with a high flying cross body and pinned Chris for the win.

 Match 4- The Dirty Little Gang & Jay Moore Vs NRG & Jason The Brain. This war has been weeks in the making and tonight two new combatants were added. Jay Moore and Jason the Brain rounded out the teams and the crowd was jacked to see who would come out the victor. The reputations of NRG members Ricky Andrews and Anton Leveigh are that of technical skill matched with heart and toughness. Jason The Brain, lives up to his name and has managed NRG over the years. All three have a never say die attitude and are ready at a moments notice for a fight. The Dirty Little Gang members, Bruce MacGowan and Braykin Bones are out to establish themselves as the premiere tag team in UCW and Jay Moore is wanting to use them for everything he can. The beatings that were given at the hands of each member of each team was exciting to watch, even though you knew they were going to feel what happened in the match the next day. Jay Moore would dart into and out of the match just to say he had been in the battle, but he did not effect much of what went on. The high flying of Anton and Bones left people with jaws dropped and anticipation for a quick win. It was not until Anton and Ricky gave the final blow of the match to Bones who was prone over Ricky's knee as Anton ascended the top rope. What came next was devastating. Anton leaped High into the air and came down with both feet to Bones Jaw. Needless to say the 1...2...3... came next. NRG and Jason the Brain win the match.

 Match 5- The King of Darkness Dell Tucker Vs Super Brown. I can say I was excited to see what would happen in this match as I have never seen Super Brown wrestle. Dell Tucker made his way to the ring and I watched the entrance ramp expecting to see Super Brown come down the ramp. To my right a large figure jumped the rail and there stood a mild mannered looking man with a large bright smile on his face wearing street clothes. This man was ready for action and made his way to the ring. As he greeted the crowd, Dell jumped Super Brown from behind. Dell continued to beat on Super Brown and was only met by limited response. Super Brown was thrown out of the ring and he crawled under the entrance ramp. Dell searched for his opponent, but could not find him. With a quick change Super Brown was no longer wearing street clothes, but his new uniform which stands for all that is good. The red and blue colors that exemplify what Super Brown stands for. With a renewed strength, Super Brown made a comeback and gave Dell the fight you would expect. Dell was reeling when Super Brown threw Dell In the corner. Dell fell and Super Brown lowered his shorts and gave Dell a "Stink Face" to the crowds approval. A quick sunset flip later and Super Brown got the win. Dell not to be outdone was highly upset and hit Super Brown again from behind giving him a severe beating. Fortunately for Super Brown, he has a friend in Sarge Riley. Sarge came to Super Brown's aid and was able to stop Dell from doing further damage. H. Watson was also quick to react and he came to the ring in an attempt to put Sarge down. With the team of Super Brown and Sarge, this assault did not last long.

Match 6- UCW Tag Title Match. Champions The Devils Rejects Vs The Sons of the South. The Rejects have vowed they were going to get rid of The Sons of the South, since they came back to UCW. The Rejects have done everything possible to try and make this happen. The only thing they have done is take the Titles from SOS and light a fire under them. SOS do not give up and they love to fight. That is what this match was. No technical skills, no worries for the rules. The two teams took it to each other back and fourth until 666 hit B.B. with a chain. 911 did the same to J.P. 666 then threw the chain down and lay on the mat like he had been struck. B.B. picked up the chain and began to wrap it around his fist for payback. The referee turned and saw B.B. and 911 both with chains on their hands and declared the match a No Contest.

This match result led to the dressing room empting and a massive brawl began in the ring among all those that wrestled tonight. In what I can say was the wildest thing I have seen in a long time, the wrestlers fought throughout the arena. The crowd began to chant UCW, UCW, UCW in their excitement to what was going on. There was no one that left the building tonight that did not get their monies worth, I can guarantee that.

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