Saturday, December 14, 2013

UCW owner David Biro Announces New Commisioner of UCW Union City, Tn Saturday Dec 14th

Tonight was a travesty of justice. Tonight was a night of deception. Tonight was a night UCW may never recover from...

David Biro made his way to the ring, to announce a new commissioner. But, before he did this he called his wife Becky to the ring on the auspices of having a gift for her. A large wrapped box stood in the center of the ring and David began to tell Becky how happy he has been with her and how she deserved something special for all of her hard work. David offered for Becky to open her gift. Becky taken off guard by the act of kindness began to unwrap, the gift from her husband. As Becky made her way around the Box, a flap burst open and Becky was confronted with none other than Jay Moore... Jay had quit UCW two weeks ago and this was most unexpected. Jay began to berate Becky and began to tell her how close she was to being taken out, and how close he could get to her if need be. David began to tell Becky that she was no longer needed and that she should just handle the “Kitchen Business”. David then forced Security, under order of being fired if they did not comply, to take Becky out of the ring. Becky was dumbfounded and actually could not speak as she was shocked from this turn of events.

In another twist that no one saw coming, David Announced that Jay Moore is now the Commissioner of UCW, giving him full authority to make match decisions as well as call who is allowed to Wrestle and even win in UCW. I only have one question for Mr David Biro... WHY????

Jay Moore has been the mastermind in all things that are against what UCW stands for. Jay Moore is an infection on the morals and well being of this business. What will be in store for the UCW. Only Time will tell and things are not looking good at this time.
Match results to follow in an upcoming blog.
Derrick O'Dell
Wrestling News Center.

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