Monday, December 16, 2013

The Axeman Speaks: December 16, 2013

The photo above is my granddaughter, Harley, along with her two closest friends, lol... I am blessed waaaaaaaay more than I deserve!

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Greetings, wrestleholics! I know, I still don't update this column often enough. Folks, I have had a rough time lately, with a heart procedure and working 70+ hours a week. Forgive me. Frankly, the day is soon coming when I will walk away from wrestling, including this column, announcing, everything - that is, everything EXCEPT being a fan. I will still show up and be in the crowd. But for now, I am going to keep doing what I am able to do, including WNC, this column, and announcing at EPW as often as possible. Gene Jackson, I have not forgotten I promised you an interview when I walk away. Soon, Gene. Soon.

OK, with that said, I have a couple of things I want to talk about.

First of all, I want to talk about TFW. That's right, I said TFW. I have been told that the TFW owner, and you all know who that is, has returned and is once again running shows at Skyline, just outside Tupelo. Someone texted me several days ago asking if I would be announcing there again. The answer to that question is NO. If, indeed, Lacy is running shows anywhere in this area, I will have nothing to do with it. Period. I wish him no ill will, I hope he is successful. I hope he approaches things much differently this time around. I simply did not like the way he did business before, so I don't want to do business now.

I must say Thank You to the promoter and booker at EPW in Booneville for allowing me to continue being a part of the show, in spite of my erratic schedule and inability to be there about half the time. EPW is a great group. They put on a good show week after week. If you are looking for a place to see a good wrestling show this weekend, check out EPW. It is going to be a wild and crazy night, as it always is at EPW, because you never know just who might show up or what will happen.

I enjoyed having lunch with the writers and staff of Wrestling News Center at our annual Christmas gathering a few days ago. It was good to see everyone again. I was sorry there were several who were unable to make it due to weather conditions north of us. The 2013 WNC Lifetime Achievement Award winner was chosen during this meeting. I am not going to tell you who it is yet, but I will say that the winner is more than deserving of the award.

Christmas is fast approaching. I was having a conversation with a friend of mine the other day, and he asked if there was anyone in wrestling who I just could not stand. I rattled off three names very quickly. He asked why I have heat with these three individuals, and I told him why. He was quiet for a  minute, then he said something to the effect that life is too short to have grudges. He then said that we should strive to be Christ-like, especially during the Christmas season, but really, always. He said I should mend fences with these three individuals and move on. After a lot of thought, I have concluded he is right. I have contacted two of them and have buried the hatchet. I really do not want any heat with anyone.

However, I do not have any contact information for Dustin Starr. I have been angry with him for a long time over an incident that happened over five years ago. So, it is time to bury the hatchet with Dustin. You are forgiven, Dustin. Period.

I am working on a Christmas column, which I will have up by next weekend. Now, wrap your mind around that, two columns in two weeks.

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