Tuesday, December 17, 2013

SPWA Ramer, TN Results Saturday Dec 14th

Well Saturday night was a rollercoaster of a show for all of us, we saw a Battle Royal in which the winner would be able to choose a Championship match of his choice. We saw two of the fans favorites get carried out of the ring and one was on a stretcher. The the main event had an ending you had to see to beleive.

So here are our results from Sat 12-14-13
The night started off with Grady, Grymes, Jade, and Company taking over the ring to spew their usual usless words and threats, the ones we are so used to hearing and are tired of listening to, and of course it involved Gilbert and what happened at the last show. Grady called Gilbert out and he came to the stage and told Grady I have nothing to say to you I told you last time I am done with you. Grady told him what he didnt know was he might have told them that but they had already voted him out before that night. That made Gilbert mad and he entered the ring with all those so called friends of his only to be told that he had started listening to the wrong people and that was what his problem was, that was why he was causing them so many problems. Gilbert told him the only thing he did wrong was stop listening to these fans and that the things Grady wants him to do is just not the way he does business. Nick and Gilbert got in a little pushing and slapping match but the bodyguards stepped in between. Gilbert told them they got one and that was it the next time it wont be pretty.

1. Johnny Morton vs Jason Starr Jason pinned Morton but only got a 2 count but thought he got a 3 he jumped up claiming victory only to be surprised when the more experienced Morton rolled him up for a real 3 count and the win.

2. Jade vs BB Well Jade is still trying to earn her way back to a title shot with Camille and this week again she took on BB and Jade had a determined look in her eye when she hit the ring. As Camille came and joined me on stage to watch the match I asked her if she thought Jade had earned a title shot yet to which she replied...No as a matter of fact she hasnt even been able to beat BB yet. You could tell Camille being out there really threw Jade off but she gave BB one heck of a match but in the end BB was victorious once again.

3. Lawdogs w/ KD Kraze vs Geno&Triple J Well this week Will Welch was back with us again and he hit the ring with Bill and it was hard hitting action Geno at one point called for a tag on Big Daddy Bill, wanting him in the ring and after getting his wish I think he was sorry he had asked for that. In the end Lawdogs put Geno and Triple J in their corner by taking the win and leaving them crying in that corner.

4. Battle Royal: The Battle Royal consisted of 15 men and let me tell you there were bodies flying in every direction because everyone wanted that title shot of their choice. But after all the bodies were eliminated two were left. Allen and Nick were ringside with their belts to see who the winner would be and who's belt would be chosen. The two left were Cyrus and Gilbert and Gilbert had the momentum to flip ole Cyrus right over that top rope to win the Battle Royal......He then looked at Nick then at Allen, climbed the ropes and pointed straight at Allen. His title shot would be for Allens Belt.

5.Knockout Kidd vs Cyrus Nick and Justin came out with Cyrus and of course had a hand in his match even though they werent invited. Causing Knockout to take a loss against Cyrus.

6. AC Styles w/ Kris and Harold vs Alex w/ Diana This rivalary is still going on but this week level jumped about 10 notches. Alex was taking a real beating in the beginning but he was on a comeback and AC knew what was in store for him and got scared I guess and took the chicken way out. Harold tossed him a chain which the ref did not see and went to town on Alex finally busting him open the match was called when everyone got in the ring. Diana trying to help Alex got caught up by AC and he laid her out and busted her open too. If the crowd could have gotten to AC,Kris, or Harold they would have killed them, Diana was carried out and Alex went out on a stretcher. I am thinking there is some serious payback coming and AC and his little thang and that old fart Harold better watch their backs.

7. Prime Time Nick Grymes vs Allen Stone This was a non title match and Nick had his helper with him walking around thinking he is safe just because he wasnt chosen for the match with Gilbert but not remembering he was taking on tonight....NEVER forget when you are going again ALLEN STONE because that will be when you get the biggest butt whoopin of your life. And that is just what happened so that is why Nicks Bodyguard/Cheater in all matches sticks his nose in and takes a swing on Allen while he was distracted causing a DQ, they started a beatdown on Allen but Gilbert came out grabbed a chair and hit the ring and for just a moment everyone including Grymes thought he would use it on Allen but instead he nailed the bodyguard and Nick and both quickly left the ring, Nick saying all the way Grady is not gonna like this!!! Michael then offered his hand out to Allen who was kinda iffy about accepting it but did and they shook and he helped him up.
The ending of the main event leaves everyone wondering where is Gilbert going....With Grady telling him they didnt want him and knowing he is going after Allens belt...well noone really knows. The best way to keep with all of this is to be there and see the action as it happens and as the story unfolds....
Courtesy of Rena Carnagey

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