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SPWA Ramer TN. Results Dec 21st 2013

Here it is the weekend before Christmas and of course we had to have the man of the hour in our house for the night, Yes that is right we had the the famous one himself there: Santa!!! Santa was there and taking pictures with kids and big kids alike and even though the storms raged outside we had an awesome crowd and they were ready for some great wrestling action and we did not let them down.

To start the evening off our Champion Allen Stone came out to the ring and welcomed all the fans, then he began explaining how he felt he was wrong about Gilbert espically after last weekend when he was certain Gilbert was gonna choose Allens belt for his Championship match but instead chose Grymes, then in the match with Grymes later that night Allen was getting beatdown by the whole group..when Gilbert came out with a chair and ran them out then helped Allen up even shook his hand. Now Alllen and eveyone else is questioning how they are feeling about Gilbert.

After this Allen called out the big man himself..Santa and he came out to the ring bringing some toys and candy and while he was passing these out, Out comes Grady and company to the ring and start pushing poor old Santa around knocking him down and Grady taking his bag of toys and stomping them to pieces. They just kept on pushing Santa and slapping him and Allen stepped in and they started on him full force and the beatdown was on... When all of a sudden from out of the back out came Michael Gilbert swinging a bat!!! Gilbert hit the ring and was swinging hard for anyone in his line of fire but they soon all cleared the ring trying to save their heads from being used as baseballs.
Gilbert told them all that he was sick of them and their games and he wasnt taking it anymore and they better keep watch cause you never know where he will show up and that tonight they were gonna have a tag match with him and Allen vs Grymes and Cyrus and if they knew what was good for them they had better get to steppin cause he knew how to use that bat and he had no problem showing them. So that is what they did, they left and once again Allen and Gilbert standing in the ring one on one and they looked at each other and again shook hands.

Results 12-21-2013

1. Royal Rumble-Last two in the ring would take the Tag Team Belts
Contestants were: AC Styles, Cyrus, Triple J, Geno, Alex, John Daniels, Johnny Morton, Jon Welch.
When all the bodies had been thrown and tossed and pushed out of the ring the last two standing were: Johnny Morton and Geno.
What in the world we have a stuck up know it all and a loveable crowd favorite as Tag Team Champs??? I dont know how this is gonna work and Geno started off on the wrong foot he grabbed both belts not even acknowledging his new partner. Johnny told him thats alright because you didnt really see whats happening later tonight have you son?? we have a match with each other and I am going to wear you out.

2. Jade vs BB
Again Jade is stil trying to work her way up to another title shot with Camille but as of this match still has not done so. This match started out great and both were going move for move but I guess Jade decided she had had enough and after BB was down she took a chair to her and busted her head open and laid her out, The referee declared this match a DQ. In closing Camille who was at ringside took the mic and told Jade this is why you wont get a shot because the only way you can win is to cheat!!!

3. Morton vs Geno
Now keep in mind this is our new Tag Team Champions here and this is already weird enough for everyone because these two together is like oil and water---it just don't mix. Geno came out again with both belts saying his partner was so old he fell asleep in the back so he just took it cause he deserved it more anyway. After Morton came out Geno told him if you beat me in this ring I might accept you as my partner...Morton just laughed in his face and it was on and let me say this it was a hard fought match, we saw some awesome submission moves from both wrestlers but in the end experience prevailed and Morton took the win and his belt and offered his hand shake to Geno who of course blew him off. This relationship is gonna be one for the books fans.

4. Lawdog w/ KD Kraze vs Triple J
Bill Welch wasted no time in taking control of this match and was seriously disappointed in his oppanant and his lack of ability, he kept asking "Is this the best you have??" so being so upset he just finished off the match got the win and left disgusted with the talent he faced.

5. Knockout Kidd vs Cyrus
Now here was a match that seemed out of place the huge towering Cyrus and Kidd, but I will tell you this Kidd came out with the agenda of winning this match and making a point and that is just what happened But while Cyrus had the whole gang with him Grymes and Grady and the Bodyguards...Noone noticed Gilbert as he slipped out and up behind one of the bodyguards and tapped him on the shoulder and just as he turned around a huge ball of fire lit up his face....Gilbert got himself a little revenge. and that laid way for Kidd to take down Cyrus and get the win.

6. AC Style w/ Kris and Harold vs Alex w/ Diana
After last week and everything that had been done to Alex and Diana everyone knew these to were out for some revenge and Alex hit that ring with nothing but revenge on his mind and he took it straight to AC and the match was really going in his favor when Kris decided to jump in and grab Alex by the hair and yank him off AC and start beating on him, Diana somehow got a hold of the kendo stick and got in the ring and took it to Kris but AC got her and then AC took a chair to Alex and laid him out and Kris took that same chair and hit Diana not once but twice. This match was declared NO CONTEST!! and again this week one of them was carried out on a stretcher and this time it was Diana. I am feeling like there is going to be some serious retrabution from Alex and Diana and folks I am telling you now its gonna be painful and it aint gonna be pretty.

7. Allen Stone/Michael Gilbert vs Nick Grymes/Cyrus
Nick and Cyrus came out with their followers minus the one that was still a little red in the face....lol and looking just a little too cocky for their own good, Allen and Michael made their enterance to the crowds delight and you could tell this was the match everyone had been waiting to see. Gilbert started off the match against Cyrus and you could see in his eyes all the anger he had built up against his old friends and now he was getting the chance to get some of it out of his system. He made some hard hitting moves on Cyrus and he tagged out to Grymes who really didnt want to get in the ring but he did and he proceeded to get a little bit of that anger also, then Gilbert tagged in Allen and he went to work on Grymes who quickly tagged out to Cyrus and in a move where Allen threw him into the ropes in the process it also knocked Gilbert to the ground and dazed him long enough for Grady and the others to steal one of our security guards handcuffs and then handcuff Gilbert to the bottom rope. Leaving Allen all alone in the ring. As Michael struggled to get free asking the guard where the key was, they were beating on Allen just taking turns. Finally the guard finds a key a lets Gilbert loose but by this time the ref has ended the match as a No Contest and now the others are running scared. Michael gets in the ring and he is mad and he takes the mic and asks Allen if he is ok and then looks at Nick and said I tell you what I am ready for our match, January 4th, and its gonna be a CAGE match and my boy you wont be alone because I want Grady in that cage with you, and if he will and he looks at Allen I want this man, a man I know will do me right and count it 1,2,3, Allen Stone will you be the special referee?? and Allen said yes for you Michael yes I will.
Grymes and Grady just stood there with their mouths open and shaking their heads....this weekend is gonna be really interesting leading up to this cage match. I cant wait to see what is gonna happen.

Merry Christmas to all our SPWA Fans!!!!

Write up courtesy of Rena Carnagey

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