Tuesday, December 10, 2013

SPW Star Moe Stegall injured Nov 30th at "Blue Saturday" Event

I wanted to take time to write about a friend of mine that was injured while competing in a match Nov 30th. I have known Moe Stegall since I re-entered the wrestling world and began covering matches. I gained a lot of respect for his style and work ethic and his commitment and knowledge of the sport. I have honestly lost contact with him lately as I have been working around other promotions and we just have not had time to talk. I contacted him today, just to catch up and see what he has been doing.

Boy was I surprised, when he told me he injured his neck and left knee while wrestling in an "I Quit" match against Matt Taylor.  The way he said it happen floored me even more. The match was an "I Quit, Ladder Match". If the "I Quit" portion would not have been enough, they added on a ladder.  Anyway, Moe went on to tell me Matt "Rock Bottomed" him off the top of the ladder. Moe said when he hit the mat, he knew he was hurt. Moe said he has been out of action since that day. I know Moe is a tough young man, and for him not to feel up to speed to wrestle, I know it is a legit injury.

I write this to let you all know, you never know when an injury will sneak attack you. Look at Moe, tough kid, excellent worker, mind for the business, and one off step later, BAM!!! On the shelf for a few weeks. I want to say take care Moe and Hope for a speedy recovery. And to all my Independent Brothers working events each and every day. Stay safe and watch yourself...

Derrick O'Dell
Wrestling News Center.

One of my favorite Pictures I have taken of Moe Several weeks ago while he held the SPW southern title. He has changed his look extensively since this picture was taken.

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