Monday, December 16, 2013

Simon of the Posse Injured at the hands of Eric Wyne and Jason Rose in vicious attack

The following video has been floating around Facebook for the last 24 hours and shows the aftermath of a vicious attack by Jason Rose and Eric Wayne. Earlier in the night, Rose dropped his longtime ring name "Void" and announced he and Wayne would be taking what they deserved from now on.

Later in the night, the Posse defeated the Hooligans for the West TN Cup and were attacked by Rose and Wayne. While Rose took out Simon and Lil Chris, Eric set up the spiked shoulder pad ring jacket of the Posse on one of the turnbuckles. Rose and Wayne attempted to throw Simon face first in to the spiked shoulder of the jacket but Simon was able to stop short of the jacket. That's when things took a turn for the worst and Rose low blowed Simon. The jacket had fallen off the top rope and it seemed Simon had been saved but Eric Wayne grabbed the spiked shoulder of the jacket, held it up screaming "Do it! Push him!!" as Jason Rose shoved Simon face first in to it!

Simon went down holding his face, clearly in pain. While Jason Rose boasted about what they'd done, Eric Wayne turned Simon over to lay in a few more shots and exposed Simon's face covered in a "crimson mask". The crowd went completely silent when they saw this and sat in shock as Rose and Wayne left, leaving the Posse down and badly injured.

See the link for video of the Aftermath.

Story Credit goes to "E. Peal"

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