Monday, December 23, 2013


Team Redneck defeated The Late Night Express (Ace Hawkins/Mephisto)
"The Wolf" Andrew Wilder defeated El En Fuego #6
"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony defeated Derrick King
Jon Michael defeated "3G" Eric Wayne by DQ
Seth Knight defeated Brandon Espinosa to retain PWE Unified Championship

Derrick King came to the ring and said he didn't know how he was going to spend the money that he won in the $10,000 Royale Challenge but something else he won in the battle royal was a shot at The Unified Championship. DK said that he has been to enough wrestling shows to know how this works, that it was time for Seth Knight to come out but just then Greg Anthony's music hit. Greg told the history of himself and DK. How they once hated each other then became friends but had recently grown apart. Greg asked what happened. DK replied that TGB was an "ass". Greg said that he knew how to get DK in a better mood and ask him to sing a song together. Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive" played and they both sang. They were having a good time and when the music stopped.. DK superkicked Greg in the face!

After those events PWE made a match between Greg Anthony and Derrick King. Both Jason Rage and Showtime got involved to try and help TGB attain victory. After taking a huge beating Derrick was able to mount some offense and hit Greg with the Superkick but while Showtime had the ref occupied and DK knocked Rage off the apron the Unified Champ Seth Knight came to the ring and hit The Sour Face Silencer allowing Greg Anthony to get the 1...2...3! After the match Greg, Rage

Eric Wayne came to the ring with a bullhorn telling the fans of Union City that Jon Michael may call himself the voice of truth but that he is the only voice they should listen to. Jon's arm was still injured after the vicious attack last week but he was determined to make Eric pay. The end of the match saw Eric Wayne stop the offense of Jon in a dastardly way and lock in a Fujiwar Key Lock like hold. Jon struggled to get to the rope but finally made it but Eric refused to release the hold and the ref had no choice but to disqualify him. Eric even keep the hold long after the bell. Eric was sent to the back and refs, security and officials were sent to help Jon Michael. Once Jon made it to his feet, he asked for the microphone. He said there is no way Eric Wayne will ever make him give up or quit, so he challenged Eric to a Submission match next week.

Brandon Espinosa made another valiant effort against the PWE Unified Heavyweight Champion "Dynamite" Seth Knight but in the end a distraction from Coach JP lead to Seth's victory. When Seth was celebrating, Derrick King came and returned the favor to Seth Knight by delivering a King Sized Superkick and laying the champion out cold just a week away from The Winter Classic!

Also January 3rd is the PWE Awards Show. Officials will recognize Wrestler of the Year, Tag Team of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Match of the Year and the "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton has been named the 1st Inductee into the PWE Hall of Champions! This night will include matches along with the awards festivities.

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