Monday, December 30, 2013


"Farmer" Billy Hills defeated El En Fuego #6 with Mud Lick Stampede
Buckwild Bill defeated Rockin' Randy with Seated Moonsault Press
Team Redneck defeated "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony/"Officer" Jason Rage to win Tag Team Titles
Jon Michael defeated "3G" Eric Wayne in a Submission Match with Crossface
"Dynamite" Seth Knight retained Unified Championship when he defeated Derrick King by DQ

The Tag Team Title scene is heating up in PWE with the addition of Team Redneck. It wasn't that long ago when Chris and Erik Hayes were at each others throats but when Greg Anthony and Jason Rage attacked Chris after the $10,000 Royale Challenge, it inspired the brothers to make amends. The early part of the match saw Team Redneck in control working well together as a team. When Showtime Daniel Thomas made his presence known distracting Chris long enough for Jason to throw him off the top rope. After taking a hell of beating, Chris was finally able to make the tag to his elder brother, Erik. He came in like a Tennessee tornado destroying everything in his path but when Jason Rage picked him up for the F5, Golden Boy thought it would be a good opportunity to talk trash to Erik but that allowed Chris to roll up Greg and Erik time to slip down Rage's back to roll him up as well and the tag team champions were both pinned at the same time making them tag team champions no more. However, Team Redneck's celebration was cut short when Jason attacked Erik with the nightstick but when Chris tried to save his brother it was Daniel Thomas who gave Greg Anthony a plastic bag that he put over Chris' head and smothered him until he passed out! Ladies and gentlemen this is far from over, in my opinion.

3 weeks ago, Eric Wayne brutally attacked Jon Michael before his Unified Title Match with Seth Knight and although Jon was able to compete in the match it was also Eric who caused a distraction costing Jon that title. Last week, Jon's arm wasn't 100% and when Eric saw the opportunity he locked on a submission move and even though Jon made it to the ropes he refused to break causing a disqualification. So the stage was set for a Submission Match at Jon Michael's request, even though he is still less than 100%. This match was a Tour De Force of technical wrestling. Both men showed why they are two of the most sought out talents in wrestling today. In the end, Jon reversed a out of a great submission move by Eric into The Crossface forcing Eric to tap. After the match, it appeared as Eric's foot was on the bottom rope the entire time unbeknownst to the referee. As Jon celebrated, Eric followed the ref trying to plead his case.

In the main event, Derrick King challenged Seth Knight for Unified Championship. Both men are very talented but the champion had the advantage in this match and that advantage is Coach JP. Since Seth has aligned himself with Coach JP, Coach has been worth his weight in gold to Unified Champion. This match was no different. When Coach JP wasn't blowing his trademark whistle, he was giving it to Seth so he could try to choke the life out of DK. However a miscommunication allowed Derrick King become in possession of the whistle long enough to chock Seth Knight as Coach JP inadvertently distracting the ref the whole time and then Derrick nailed Seth Knight was a Superick square on the jaw. Referee went down for the count... 1...2... and then he noticed the whistle still wrapped around Derrick's hand. He disqualified Derrick King allowing Seth Knight to retain his championship and as Seth and Coach tried to leave the arena DK came through him back in for not 1 but 2 more Superkicks!

Next week is the Pro Wrestling Elite Awards Show. There will be matches plus they will name the 2013 Wrestler of the Year, Tag Team of the Year, Rookie of the Year and Match of the Year. The highlight of the night will be the 1st Induction in the PWE Hall of Champions... "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton. Please come out and enjoy the night's festivities.

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