Monday, December 16, 2013


Chris Hayes defeats "Rockin" Randy via pinfall after Trouble in Paradise
"Buckwild" Bill defeats Antonio Anderson via pinfall after Seated Moonsault
"3G" Eric Wayne defeats JD Wolf via pinfall with schoolboy pin
"Dynamite" Seth Knight retains Unified Title via pinfall against Jon Michael

The newly crowned PWE Unified champion "Dynamite" Seth Knight came to the ring with former PWE Referee, Jason Peevyhouse. Seth said that no one saw it coming, no one had a clue but the question is still why? Peevyhouse explains that for a year he sat at the announce table and saw every wrestler compete in every match. He said he saw a man with an unlimited amount of talent in "Dynamite" Seth Knight. Peevyhouse said that Seth Knight could be the greatest champion in PWE if only he had the right "coach". Jason Peevyhouse is that coach, Jason Peevyhouse is now Coach JP and Coach JP's team is.. "Dynamite" Seth Knight!

"Showtime" Daniel Thomas came to the ring and introduced the PWE Tag Team Champions, "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony and "Officer" Jason Rage. Greg Anthony said that the reason they were not wrestling tonight is because they have beaten every tag team PWE has put in front of them and they were going to finish some business with Chris Hayes for costing them $10,000 in the battle royal but he left after his match. He then went through the list of tag teams that are up for The 2013 Tag Team of the Year. Claiming to have beaten them all. Greg then told Union City that wrestling isn't the only thing they are good at. That Greg and Daniel were actually great singers! They then sang "We Are the Champions" for the live crowd. Anthony and Thomas are no Righteous Brothers for sure. After that they began to sing "I believe I can Fly" but was interrupted by Chris Hayes' music. The champs stood in the ring and begged Chris, who was half way down the ramp, to come to the ring. Just then Erik Hayes walked out next to his brother and the two hit the ring like a house of fire clearing out the tag team champs. Greg, Jason and Daniel were livid as they left. The Hayes Brothers or Team Redneck have reunited, the tag champs are in some serious trouble now.

In the main event, Jon Michael got his rematch after the travesty of last week but when Jon came through the curtain he was jumped by Eric Wayne who threw him into the steel post then slammed his arm across the steel steps. Officials weren't sure if Jon was going to be able to go through with the match and took a quick intermission. When they came back Seth told the ref to count Jon out and declare him the winner. As the ref reached 7 in his count, Jon's music hit and made it to ring. This contest was brutal to watch as Jon Michael was hardly able to defend himself with only one arm. Jon hit a spear out of nowhere and had win well in hand but Coach JP distracted the ref which allowed Eric Wayne to hit Jon in his bad arm with a steel chair which gave Seth just enough time to hit The Sour Face Silencer for the 1...2...3!

This week is the in ring debut of Team Redneck, Jon Michael has demanded a match with Eric Wayne and Brandon Espinosa challenges Seth Knight for Unified Title. 

December 27th PWE Presents The Winter Classic. More information on matches to come.

January 3rd, 2014 PWE has its Awards Show. Go to to vote for Wrestler of the Year, Tag Team of the Year, Rookie of The Year and Match of the Year. We will also announce on December 20th who will be the first inductee into PWE's Hall of Champions.

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