Sunday, December 29, 2013

OVW results from Christmas Day in Louisville, KY

Michael Hayes & Mohamad Ali Vaez defeated Evan Markopoulos & Dylan Bostic (w/Ray Lyn). 
Paredyse defeated Raul LaMotta (w/Clint Poe & Nick Dumeyer) to retain the OVW Television Championship. 
Del Cardinal vs. Elvis Pridemore never took place due to an interruption by Ryan Howe. 
The Bodyguy (w/Melvin Maximus) defeated Jessie Belle by count-out to retain the OVW Women's Championship. 
Ted McNaler (w/Brittany Devore & Adam Revolver) defeated Mohamad Ali Vaez (w/Michael Hayes). 
Jamin Olivencia defeated Marcus Anthony (w/Timmy Danger) by DQ.

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