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NBC's Michelle Beadle has "incident" with WWE Diva AJ Lee backstage at Tribute to the Troops (conflicting reports)

NBC personality Michelle Beadle, who also happens to be a big wrestling fan, reportedly had an incident backstage at the WWE Tribute to the Troops event with WWE Diva AJ Lee according to multiple wrestling media reports on Sunday.

Beadle was the official "host" of the event and reportedly upset Lee over comments she made backstage to WWE star CM Punk. These comments were said to have upset Lee and she confronted Beadle backstage in front of other WWE wrestlers and staff.

One WWE source claimed Lee never cursed or raised her voice at Beadle, but instead decided to confront her creating a rather awkward situation. Beadle reported the incident to WWE officials. WWE was said to be less than thrilled with Lee regarding it.

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NBC personality Michelle Beadle wrote the following on Twitter this past Sunday night addressing online reports of a backstage incident she had with WWE Diva AJ Lee at the WWE Tribute to the Troops taping last week in Washington. The incident reportedly went down after comments Beadle made towards WWE star CM Punk.

(1/4) Once and once only: I've known CM Punk for years. Considered him a friend. When I saw him at the arena, I said 'hey f&$?face'. The

(2/4) exact same way I talk to everyone. His girlfriend was no where near this. And I kept walking along with my assistant and two members

(3/4) of WWE PR. Next thing I know, I'm being yelled at. I honestly thought it was a joke. Period. The event went on and it was amazing. So

(4/4) I hope we can move on from this ridiculously lame 'story.' As for the crazies, BLOCKED! And Happy freaking Holidays!!!



PWInsider reports that the word among wrestlers backstage at today's WWE TLC pay-per-view event in Houston, Texas, was that Lee did not approach Beadle due to jealousy, but because she had spoken to Punk in a disrespectful tone. Lee approached Beadle after Beadle had a conversation with Punk, not during a conversation between the two as had been previously reported.

Beadle had remarked something to Punk in a disrespectful manner that allegedly upset him, which led to Lee searching for her—what Beadle said cannot be confirmed. It is said that Lee approached the popular television personality and told her that she was not to speak to her boyfriend in that manner again and if she did, there would be a problem.

One wrestler who witnessed the incident is denying the claim of Lee raising her voice and cursing at Beadle.

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