Friday, December 20, 2013

Jay Moore Steals Christmas Early from UCW Union City, Tn Saturday Night Dec 21st 8pm

 Today I would like to take a few minutes to describe what is going on in UCW.  Since it is the Christmas season, I can only compare what Jay Moore is doing to UCW, to what the Grinch did to Whoville in the classic Dr Seusse story. The Grinch stole all of Whoville's happiness if you remember and that is what Jay Moore's current reign as UCW Commissioner is doing.

Jay Moore has teamed with an unlikely benefactor, David Biro, majority owner of UCW. The two have set plans in motion that look to derail all that UCW has stood for and all that UCW was destined to become. Jay Moore has been plotting this rise to power ever since it was taken away from him a little over a year ago. He has no respect for the fans, the business of UCW, nor the traditions that make this sport the greatest Event out there.

I can only speculate that Jay has in some form or fashion brainwashed or diluted Mr Biro into thinking that his, Jay Moore's, direction for UCW is the right way for business. I have always respected Mr. Biro's past decisions, but I have to call him out on the decision to make Jay Moore Commissioner. Jay Moore is not  "best for business" for UCW. His ideas and models for the future of UCW will only lead to a fall out from the Talent. He has so far corrupted UCW heavyweight Champion, Houston. Houston's vicious attack of Sarge O'Riley last week has caused a void in the UCW locker room. This will only get worse if Jay Moore is not reined in from his path or Terror.

I can only ask that you, The Fans, come out and support UCW through this troubling time, while Mrs. Becky Biro figures out what steps to take to get UCW back in order. I would also like to thank you, The Fans, for your support and look forward to seeing you each and every Saturday Night 8pm at the UCW "Battle Zone".

The following picture is a depiction of Jay Moore in all of his Grinchy Glory.

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